My art studio nestled in the forest

art studio plants

I painted my art studio green. I may have a lot of bright colors in my paintings but I love earthy colors too. Green seemed perfect for my art studio as it is nestled in the woods. I think I will paint the trim brown but that will be another day.

There is a path down to it. Here it is before I put some shade loving plants in front of it.

You have to walk down some wooden stairs to get to it. There are a bunch of wild cherry trees around it. And ferns and thimble berries and laurel bushes.

Won’t you come in?

I have lots of my favorite things in my art studio.

I have paintings up on the walls of course.

And my favorite art table. A table that used to belong to my Swedish grandmother.

My art studio seems the perfect place for my gnome collection.

My gnome Quinn sits on my table. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian blood that makes me adore gnomes.

I like sketching gnomes.

This is my other art studio gnome – Oleg.

Studio gnome "Oleg"

He was the inspiration for my painting “Spreading Enormous Joy.” He feels like he could inspire magic.

So I put him on a mug that says “My Magic Mug.”

Magic Gnome Mug

Maybe Quinn will inspire a new painting. He looks so wise and sweet.

wooden gnome

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a magical week ahead.

Hugs to you ♥


Update on Art Studio Remodel

sweeping walls of art studio

We’re back in Sedro Woolley and Greg and I have been working on my art studio remodel. I’m excited to say it’s almost done.

I loved my old studio and this one is similar and about the same size. Both are sheds turned into an art studio.

More Work to Do

We still need to paint the outside of it and put some molding around the floor but then I can start moving stuff in!

I can’t wait to start decorating it!

The photos below don’t show the laminate floor we put in but it came out really nice. I’m very pleased with the whole thing!

Working on the Studio

Here are some photos of Greg and I working.

lindy and greg working on studio

Greg working on drywall

art studio drywalling

Greg Gaskill

art studio remodel

I’ll be showing more photos of the finished studio soon.

What projects have you been working on?

Thanks for stopping by!

This shed is getting a remodel into an art studio

before studio shot

So many of you know we moved to Sedro Woolley to a place on the Skagit River. So I haven’t had a usable art studio for awhile.

Today, we were finally able to empty out this little shed. It was used as a storage shed this past winter and has been waiting to have it’s contents moved into the garage! And now it’s done!

I’m so excited because this is going to be the home of my new art studio! It’s small but it will be plenty big for what I need.

It will need a remodel to make it usable of course.

My sweetie said he could put a skylight and windows in it! Yay! That will be wonderful as it is a bit dark in the woods.

I can’t wait to get started. First up, clean it, inside and out!

I’ll post some more pics when it gets further along.

Would you like to know some acrylic painting techniques?

Studio in baja

I’ve made some acrylic painting techniques videos on my youtube channel at

I’m going to try to post a video every week and see how that goes. If you have an idea for a video, please put it in the comments and I will try to address it.

Below are three new art videos that show some acrylic painting techniques.

The below video shows how I add black outline to my paintings and when I put a wash over the paint sometimes it makes the black line very dull looking. It’s important to go back over the black line with black paint to make the color pop!

My paintings have lots of layers of mark making. The below video shows more ways to add paint layers to a painting by using up some of my old paint.

After I have a lot of large areas of paint, I like to add some small marks. The below video shows some small mark making using some unusual tools.

If you would like to be notified of new videos, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden

Creative Joy Art Studio

I just signed up recently for Jennifer Louden’s Newsletter.  One get’s a free download of her Guide “How to Follow Through on Your Creative Desires” when you sign up. It sounded intriguing so I signed up.

She also has a free download on her website titled Creative Joy Journal + Playbook. She says about it, “Write in, draw in, and dribble crumbs on, paint on, and cry tears over! Download for free at (near the bottom of the page).

There are some questions in it that she asks you to answer. So I did. I share my answers to them below.

Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden – The Questions:

When you hear the words creative joy, what springs to mind? First thoughts best thoughts, all are welcome, forget censoring.

Creative joy is letting go. Letting the creativity flow. No Blocks. Flow flow flow. Be a conduit. Happiness. Create from the heart. From the soul. Play!

What did your creative joy look like this week?

Painting. Walking. Taking a hike. Face to the rain. Smile.

What do you wish it had looked like?

More time in the studio. More time painting. More uninterrupted time.

What are 5 moments of creative joy from any time in your life – yesterday to 4 years old? Let whatever comes to you be enough.

Painting in my New York Manhattan studio.

Painting on a Peggy Zehring retreat in the San Juan islands.

Writing a poem that seemed to flow through me with no effort.

Making a giant mobile.

Writing the Moonhead mama story – The adventures of Milo Moon.

What gets in the way of your creative joy?

Too much busy-ness.

What else?

Not following through on my plans/ideas/goals.

What else?

“Shoulds” and my inner critic.

What feeds your creative joy?

Uninterrupted time. Color. Play. Nature. Light. Music. No stress. Dance. Meditation. Yoga. Healthy food. Letting go and not caring what others think. Fun. Laughter. Writing. Intuition.

If your creative joy had a voice, what would it say about what it loves, needs, and hates?


Be here now. Light. Space. Art and Music.


Color! Time to create. Creative tools to work with.


Hates it when I don’t spend time in the studio creating.


And what if your creative joy had a voice? What would it say?

Painting in the studio today

Artist Lindy Gaskill working in studio

It’s cloudy and rainy today. A good day to be working on my paintings.

I love painting in the studio! It’s not that cold out but I am bundled up so I can have the door open and the fresh forest air come inside.

Lindy Gaskill in Studio

This is what’s on my art table.


Belle likes keeping me company. 🙂 What a sweetie!


I like using my old 2007 Jubelale six pack packaging to store some supplies.


My studio gnome “Oleg” watches over the happenings!

Studio gnome "Oleg"

I love the view of the forest out my window!


Peace, Lindy


Transforming my art studio

I was going to do a post about 2011 and my story about getting to where we are now in Prescott, AZ but then I decided nope, I’m going to start blogging about today, right now. Sorry the story is getting a skip in it since I haven’t been writing much lately. But just know that things are straightening themselves out and I’m getting back on track with my art.

First thing up, getting my art studio ready to work in.

The below photo shows where it started after I tore off the yucky wood walls. I have to tell you the previous owners had about 18 cats. And my studio was cat central so you can imagine the smell. The wood walls had to go! Luckily we got the cat smell to disappear! It had us worried for a while but luckily there are products one can buy that get rid of the odor for good. And it did.


I have a lot of stuff to put in this studio and it’s just waiting to get organized.

My studio is in the basement but the skylights bring in nice light! I like the big windows.


Today I finished plastering the walls. It came out pretty good. Next comes paint and some window sills and some shelving.

studio3Someday this room may get turned into a sunroom with lots of plants…but for now it’s my studio. This basement room is getting transformed into my art studio and I know I’m going to love it! I can’t wait to finish it so I can start working in it. I’ll show you more pics later.

See My Curiosity Cabinet

I came across a website called
There is a pdf one can get for free that is about 5 Ways to Rally Criosity, Delight & Dee[ Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.
in a nutshell # 2 was:
Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet
I had an ah ha moment when I read the words Curiousity Cabinet. That is exactly what I made one time but never had a word or title for it. I just alled it that old medicine cabinet filled with stuff! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love the my curiosity cabinet finally has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!
Here is a photo of it:

I came across a website called and there was a free download titled ” 5 Ways to Rally Curiosity, Delight & Deep Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.” Sounded fascinating to me, so I downloaded it!

In a nutshell # 2 was:     Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet

I had an “ah ha” moment when I read the words “curiousity cabinet.” I won’t go into what they meant by it because I was relating to the words in my own way.

“Curiousity cabinet” is exactly what I have hanging in my art studio! But I never had a word or title for it before. I just called it that “old medicine cabinet”! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love that my curiosity cabinet now has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!

I think it’s fun to see what people have in their art studios so here is my curiosity cabinet. Maybe it will inspire you to make one too.


I found this metal medicine cabinet when I lived in New York City back in the late 90’s. It was in a junk pile on the sidewalk. One cool thing about Manhattan is that you can find some pretty cool stuff left out on the street for the garbage collector. It was in pretty good condition with a mirror on the front. It was a bit rusty and needed a good coat of paint. So I took it off the heap and brought it home.

I covered it with blue paint and stamped it with black texture and painted yellow swirls on the sides.


I started filling it’s interior with photos, keepsakes, knick knacks, souvenirs and inspiringl items! It sure filled up fast. Here’s some photos of the individual shelves.

The top holds my handmade Christmas ornament that I call “Gift Giving Spirit Woman”. I made a bunch of these back in the early 90’s. On the right is my treasured “Fava Bean” pastel by New York artist Amelia Foster, and then there is some cool driftwood I picked up on beach combing excursions.


The next shelf holds my black and white animal collection started when I got the black ceramic pony made by my mom when she was little. I treasure that little guy. Now I have a rabbit, a couple little skunks and a panda to go with him.


Next shelf down holds my small buddha collection. That got started when I inherited some of them from my great aunt.


And then on the bottom shelf I have my blue dog postcard from when I went to the exhibit in NYC. Blue Dog is made by the artist George Rodrigue. And there is the little girl art who reminds me to “do art” that my friend made for me. And the painted yellow ceramic rabbit is one I made in an art therapy class along time ago and the glass paperweight is from my mom.


I love the inside of the front because of it’s eclectic collection of mementos.


Here’s some close ups. This is me, loving on a dog. When my parents took that photo I’m sure that’s when they knew I was going to be an animal lover.


A co-worker made this silly hand head cartoon.


There are ticket stubs from some of the exhibits I saw in NYC. And then I got this little flyer at a club that says “Now that you live in N.Y., start living like you’re in N.Y.” I like that one. And then there’s the cool magnet that a friend sent one time.


So that’s my curiousity cabinet. Now that you’ve seen mine, go make one of your own. If you do, I’d love to see it!


Have fun!

~ L.

Traveling to Todos Santos


Last  Friday we camped at Playa Santispac on Bahía Concepción on the Sea of Cortez. We headed toward Todos Santos on Saturday morning. On this leg of our trip we traveled very long, straight stretches of roadway through a whole lot of nothing but desert for hours on end.


Although we did get to see some goats when we stopped for road construction work on the highway. You can barely make out the goat amongst the bushes below.


We pulled over and ate a picnic lunch before we got to Ciudad Insurgentes near the Pacific coast.


Finally we went through La Paz and it felt like we were almost there! The last 50 min. or so of roadway is a 4 lane highway, two lanes in either direction, that was built last year. It made for a quick ride into Todos Santos.

Below is a photo of the gate Greg built last year for our place. The bouginvilla has really grown!

roadtrip2-12And so have the banana trees!


Over the weekend, I unpacked my art supplies and got my art table set up.


My trusty studio companion, Belle, lounged around after the long ride, soaking up the atmosphere. Good dog.


In my next blog post I’ll show you some photos of how much the plants have grown in our yard and what I’m painting in the studio this week. Bye for now.

More Colorful Art Bookmarks and Inspiring Things

I did a blog post about my colorful, whimsical art bookmarks back in November but I’ve made a few more so I thought I would share them with you.

My bookmarks are printed by me on a heavy fine art paper card stock and coated with 2 coats of satin acrylic varnish which protects it, brings out the vivid color and gives it a smooth finish! You can buy them at the Tumalo Art Co. in Bend, Oregon and at my Etsy Shop online.

A new one is my raven bookmark. I wanted to make one that was more masculine compared to my others. These images were taken from 3 of my raven paintings. The top image is titled “Basking in Moonlight”, middle one is titled “Two Ravens Protecting the Moon” and the bottom image is taken from my painting titled “Two Ravens Sit and Reflect III”.

Raven Bookmarks
Raven Bookmarks

Then I made a bookmark with my whimsical birds. I used three of my favorites. Top image is titled “One Lived in an Enchanted Garden”, middle is “Singing a Fiesta Song” and the bottom image is “Shimmer and Shine”. It is more pastel in color and feels lighter visually than the others.

Whimsical Bird Bookmark
Whimsical Bird Bookmark

Then I have another “Dream Garden” bookmark and I think it is my favorite of all.

Dream Garden Bookmark
Dream Garden Bookmark

On this one I’ve used images titled “Flying Toward a Slice of THe Night”, middle image is “Meditation Garden” and the bottom one comes from my painting titled “Namaste”. All three images are calming to me and just make me feel happy when I look at them.

L. Gruger Bookmarks
L. Gruger Bookmarks

I really love my bookmarks. I might have already done a blog post about this but I just wanted to share some more photos of them.

Bookmarks on my fridge
Bookmarks on my fridge

I’ve always been one to have inspiring things surrounding me. I think it started when my folks put up a huge cork board in my bedroom on one wall when I was a kid so I could tack up my drawings and things that I found that I liked to look at. I just like to have inspiring things around me. It sparks something inside…it taps into creativity that is waiting to soar!

My art studio is surrounded with things that I like and I have my bookmarks hanging about, taped here and there. I like things that dangle and make tinkly music or reflect light or if they do both, that’s even better!


I have fun things on my window sill, like my Gnome “Oleg”.

The Knome "Oleg"
The Gnome "Oleg"

And the magnetic words that I can play with inspire me.

Magnetic words in my art studio.
Magnetic words in my art studio.

What 3 things do you have sitting about that inspire you?

A Day in the Art Studio

Thought I would show you what I worked on yesterday in the art studio.

First of all, let me introduce Belle, my trusty art studio companion. She’s a very sweet border collie and loves hanging out wherever I’m hanging out. You can see she wasn’t too interested in getting my attention. She’s happy just being nearby.

I finished putting on the last coat of acrylic spray over the top of my Two Ravens painting. This coating helps protect it as well as brings out the color to more vibrant tones as well as enhances the layering effect and gives the painting some luminescence.
Then I started working on my lyrical world raven paintings.

Here’s one that is still only about 1/2 done. I already have the title “Basking in Moonlight”. I haven’t titled the other one yet. Sometimes you have to live with them awhile before the title is revealed.

Then I went back to working on a painting titled “Whimsical Womb II”. I created a “Whimsical Womb I” painting which sold a few years ago and I always loved that painting so I thought I’d do another one in a similar fashion.

And that’s my “show and tell” for today.