Original Painted Steer Skull

steer skull art by lindy gaskill

I love the look of a southwest style painted steer skull. And I thought it would be fun to paint one myself.

When we were in Baja last Spring I got the chance.

A man stopped by our place one day with a pick up truck full of plain, white steer skulls. All of them were beautiful. It’s often hard to find ones that are so complete and not deteriorated. I chose one to paint and purchased it.

We cleaned it up and set it out to dry. But guess who got into it? Our little snoopy dog Belle. Here she is smiling at what she did.

smiling border collie

She chewed the end off it. You can see the ragged edge of the nose.

Plain Steer Skull

I ended up rebuilding that part with papier-mâché. In the end, one can’t tell at all so I was pleased.

Now, what to paint on it? There are so many ideas for painted steer skulls on Pinterest.

I didn’t want to be too influenced by others although it’s hard not to be.

I eventually came up with an idea and sketched it onto the steer skull with pencil.

I first put down a layer of white gesso in the area I wanted to paint. This will make the paint last longer.

And then I painted it using my acrylics.


Steer skull art beginning painting

I didn’t worry about going outside the lines as I knew the background color would paint over it.

I think it came out nice.

It went through changes along the way though.

Notice the design has changed by adding orange flowers instead of the fanned graphic below.

original painted steer skull

I made it with a yellow background at first but I didn’t like how it fought with the turquoise top portion.

Painted Steer Skull by Lindy Gaskill


Painted steer skull by Lindy Gaskill

I liked the turquoise so I decided to paint more of what I liked which is always a good idea.

I like it much better now.

steer skull art

original steer skull painting

I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another painted steer skull but this one was fun for my very first one.

What do you think?



New Whimsical Tree Painting with Floating Moon Shadows

Whimsical Tree Painting

Floating moons. A tattooed tree. Brilliant shades of blue.

This is my latest whimsical tree painting titled “One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons II.” I call my whimsical trees with the tattooed bark “Peace Trees.” Peace Trees represent peace and good will. Often times I will have prayer flags with them. This one has floating moons.

Whimsical Tree Painting

“One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons II”, 12″ x 24″, acrylic on wood panel, $575

Whimsical Tree Painting

When I first created painting #1 with the same title, I was in Prescott, AZ. I had never heard of floating moon shadows. I just came up with the name after I painted it. This painting was one of three whimsical trees in a triptych. I was showing it at the gallery in Prescott, AZ called Van Gogh’s Ear. It sold quickly.

One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons 1

(Above: detail of painting titled One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons, sold)

I liked it so much I made a card and a print out of it. You can find the print in my Etsy shop.

Moon Shadows

Last summer, during the solar eclipse, I definitely saw moon shadows! I immediately had to take photos! The moon shadows (or maybe they are reflections of light?) were floating on our garage.

Wow, it was amazing! They were all over our property. It was pretty cool.

solar eclipse moon shadows

Recently I was thinking about the floating moons and decided to paint another peace tree painting with them.

Favorite Titles

I have to admit I love the title. “One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons” sounds like a lyrical poem when I say it which makes me happy. Just like my paintings.

Some of my other favorite titles are “Big Sun, Hidden Buddha,” “She Built Her Nest with Flowers and Bits of Sky” and “Red Dog Sleeps Under the Light of the Moon.

Did you see any floating moons during the solar eclipse? Any fav titles that you can share?





“Protected by Warrior Spirit” Whimsical Painting

Warrior spirit painting

Today I’m thinking about my latest symbolic painting. I don’t often share the symbolism behind a painting as I like the viewer to create their own story about it. However, I’m going to share a bit about my newest whimsical painting titled “Protected by Warrior Spirit.”

Symbolism of Protected by Warrior Spirit

It is not a warrior as in the traditional soldier, fighting type. Rather it is a warrior of grace. A warrior of the divine. Of Spirit.

It’s a concept more than an actual person. It’s a symbol. The colors black and red symbolize the life / death / life cycle which encompasses all of life. The feather of his spear represents a sharp yet forgiving nature.

For me, sharp means to use one’s mind for self development. To use one’s mind to figure out how things work. For truth finding. For using words wisely, to inspire others and for kindness.

A warrior spirit is mindful. He is aware of his surroundings. He protects those he cares about and helps them to be the best that they can be.

whimsical painting Warrior Spirit

A Spirit Warrior Website

I found this website called Spirit Warrior at khaledallen.com that talks a lot about what the Warrior Spirit means. They say, “A Warrior invests in herself, seeking to become her best self. A Warrior cherishes every moment, seeks to see every minute lived purposefully, even if that means at purposeful rest. A Warrior expects to stand out, to strive for excellence, and to pursue great goals.” I like that.

Warrior spirit whimsical painting

“Protected by Warrior Spirit”, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on wood panel, $375

Other Symbols in my Whimsical Painting

Some other symbols are a fish shape which represents food to nourish us. A moon shape representing the passing of time. Of life cycles. The shape behind the feather is a spiral of energy, representing a strong life force.

The space in his body is filled with petroglyphs. It shows that he is old and comes from ancient times. The white star and mandala-like line drawings in the blue background are magic lines of light that surround the Warrior Spirit.

A Warrior Spirit is nurturing. Hence, he is always there in my mind protecting me from harm.

To be protected by Warrior Spirit is a gift to myself and I like having him near to remind me to strive for excellence.

What do you think of the Warrior Spirit?

New Colorful Whimsical Acrylic Paintings

Whale, Raven, Sugar Skull Paintings

I’m in Mexico.

I can see I’m being affected by it’s beauty, color and magic.

I’ve always loved the sugar skulls in Mexico. I’ve done one other one a few years ago which you can purchase as a print. I felt the calling to create another.

Full Bloom Sugar Skull, 8″ x 10″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, (sold)

I’m fascinated by the raven and I’ve made quite a few paintings with him in it. This time I’ve added him to a painting with a dream catcher.

A good explanation of the dream catcher can be found at http://legomenon.com. They say, “The shape of the dreamcatcher is a circle because it represents the circle of life and how forces like the sun and moon travel each day and night across the sky. The dream catcher web catches the bad dreams during the night and dispose of them when the day comes.” I like that.

I own a dream catcher that I have in my home in Washington. It has beautiful feathers hanging from it and is made from twigs and leather string.

Catching Celestial Dreams, 8″ x 10″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, (sold)

In Todos Santos, we can see the whales spouting and jumping out in the ocean. I love watching for them. Greg said one time he heard the whales singing when he was swimming at Las Palmas beach. That is cool!


Swim Deeper, Follow the Whales, Acrylic on Wood Panel, $375

If you would like to purchase one, send me an email.

Which one is your favorite?

I’m doing Flora Bowley’s Creative Revolution Challenge in Sept. #creativerevolutionchallenge

Creative Revolution Challenge

Flora Bowley, artist extraordinaire,  wrote in her email newsletter Need a (free) Creative Kick in the Pants? Join Me for the Creative Revolution Challenge in September!”

I said YES! I do need some inspiration! So I headed on over to Flora’s website and downloaded her free Creative Revolution Challenge for September.

I’ll be doing the challenge starting September 1st.

If you do too,  use the hashtag #creativerevolutionchallenge when you make a post.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

– Robert Collier

It will be an interesting challenge as I think I need a kick in the pants regarding creative activities as of late.

We came up to Washington in July and got down to work. You may not know it, but we have a real estate investment business and we needed to do some work on some of the properties. So that’s what we’ve been doing.

Then we sold our house in Maple Falls which is great! So now I’m working on other parts of the business and I also work online for a company called LoveToKnow.com as an image specialist. So I haven’t spent as much time as I’ve wanted to on my art.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

– William Arthur Ward

I find Flora Bowley to be such an inspiring teacher! I’ve taken her online class “The Bloom True e-Course” and found it to be full of inspiration and learning lessons!

It’s not just an e-Course it’s a creative experience! Hence, I highly recommend it! It’s for anyone wanting to loosen up their art style and start painting more intuitively as well as live a life of creative inspiration.

So that is why I’m excited to do Flora’s Challenge. I know it will be chalk full of inspiration just like all the other things Flora offers! So can’t wait to start! Thanks Flora!


Would you like to know some acrylic painting techniques?

Studio in baja

I’ve made some acrylic painting techniques videos on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/lindygaskill

I’m going to try to post a video every week and see how that goes. If you have an idea for a video, please put it in the comments and I will try to address it.

Below are three new art videos that show some acrylic painting techniques.

The below video shows how I add black outline to my paintings and when I put a wash over the paint sometimes it makes the black line very dull looking. It’s important to go back over the black line with black paint to make the color pop!

My paintings have lots of layers of mark making. The below video shows more ways to add paint layers to a painting by using up some of my old paint.

After I have a lot of large areas of paint, I like to add some small marks. The below video shows some small mark making using some unusual tools.

If you would like to be notified of new videos, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!

My Favorite Raven Art Mugs

My Favorite Raven Art Mugs

I love raven art mugs! Ravens are such mischievous, interesting characters. Some people love them, some people hate them. I love them! And you can find raven art in my paintings quite a bit.

A few years ago, one of my art collectors, sent me this gorgeous mug by Natalie Warrens, a Portland, Oregon artist. I love the black with the blue background and the red spirals. It’s very dreamy!

Blue raven mug by Natalie Warrens

It’s funny how one tends to pick certain mugs to drink from and I love having favorite mugs to choose from depending on how I’m feeling.

I thought you might like to see some other cool raven mugs that I found online. I don’t own any of these YET but maybe I will soon. I sure do love them!

I will note, some of these mugs are no longer available for sale but perhaps the artist will do a custom order for you if you find one you love.

This one is from The Clay Bungalow on Etsy. I love how the raven is bowing toward the cherry. The spots of red with the black is striking.


The Clay Bungalow Raven MugAlissa Clark Clayworks has made this queen raven mug which has a very whimsical quality. And you know I love whimsical!

Allisa Clark Clay Works Raven Mug

Kick the Moon Studio has made this black and white one. I like the raw quality of it and it’s humor – Caw Caw and spirals. I also LOVE SPIRALS!

Kick The Moon Studio Raven MugYou can find lots of cool mugs at Sand Hills Pottery on Etsy. This one is great with the moon and stars and the raven with the fat red berry in it’s beak. You’ll love the description of the mug too. Lauri Spinner is the artist at Sand Hills Pottery and she writes,

“The night is dark with only the moon for light and all is quiet. This handsome crow is perched on a lonely tree branch gazing at the moon…his beak sharpened for the berries he has been picking and he already has a fat berry in his beak. The branch he is perched on has a halo of light surrounding it from the moon above. This crow will help you drink up your brew and peck your cheek while at it.”

Sand Hills Pottery Raven Mug

Calling Crow Creative has these raven mugs available. I like the colors and the position of the crow looking up toward the sun.

Calling Crow Creative Raven Mug

Dancing Hare Studio (don’t you love the names of these pottery studios) has this rustic raven mug. So cute!

Dancing Hare Pottery Raven Mug

This little raven is comical and sweet on this mug. It’s by Maple Lane Pottery.

Maple Lane Pottery Raven Mug

And I just love the woodcut looking raven mug by Patricia Griffen. Her mugs are expensive but I can see why…they are so beautiful!Patricia Griffen Raven Mug

And so is this one. Gorgeous! If you like having your coffee out of a bowl, check out the ceramics of Terri Kern. Her ceramic art is like a storybook illustration. I love a good story!

Terri Kern Raven Bowl

Hope you enjoyed looking at the raven mug images.

Do you have a favorite ceramic artist? Let me know in the comments below.


Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

I told you earlier about doing a commissioned painting for the singer songwriter Darryl Purpose. Now I’m excited to receive my very own copy of the “Still the Birds” Darryl Purpose CD.

My painting was used on the cover! It’s so fun to finally see the real thing and hold it in my hand. Wow, I’m so honored! I love Darryl’s music! I’m going to listen to it right after I post this.

The art direction, design and layout of the CD is by A Man Called Wrycraft (Michael Wrycraft).

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

I like the way the artwork was made into the background of the pages for the insert. And the hand on the CD label looks pretty neat too. 🙂

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

Thanks Darryl, it looks great! Darryl is a wonderful storyteller and I love his lyrics and sound!

Order your own copy at www.darrylpurpose.com.


Pinterest for Artists

I think Pinterest is great for artists to share what inspires them.

At first I read a lot of articles about copyright issues with posting other peoples images but Pinterest has addressed most of these concerns so I recently started using it. If you like sharing and looking at beautiful or fun visual images, then you will like Pinterest.

I’ve always been a collector and had bulletin boards in my studio to pin things to that inspire me so now I can do this on my computer. And also search and find others with similar interests. My Pinterest page looks like the below image.

I read that one should use the 80/20 rule with Pinterest. Share 80% of mages from other peoples websites and 20% of your own stuff. So it’s not just for marketing your own artwork or business although it is okay to share that too. But share other fun things you enjoy and follow other peoples boards.

Some of my boards are titled Art by Artists I admire, Botanical, Feathered, Products I love, Birds, Travel, and then also my own L. Gruger Art in Progress and  L. Gruger Art. I’ll probably add more boards as I keep using it but I don’t want it to get too cluttered. So 8 boards is good for now.

Some ideas for artists using Pinterest might be boards about color palettes, art books you recommend, documentaries, art exhibits, galleries, art styles, design, print making or different art techniques. Also photos of what inspires you such as landscapes or still life or wild life. Here’s a good squidoo link about using Pinterest>

One of the important things to remember about pinning to your boards is to add the link where you found the image and give credit to the person who owns the image.

If you would like to add a Pinterest button to your blog or website, go to http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/

Recently one of the ways I used Pinterest was to find a gift for someone. I had in my mind that I wanted to purchase something spiritual and beautiful for my friends birthday. I found this image below on Pinterest.

7 Chakras - Pyramid Pendulum / Suncatcher - Swarovski Crystals
7 Chakras - Pyramid Pendulum / Suncatcher - Swarovski Crystals by Windyscreations on Etsy

I tracked the item back to Windyscreations, a shop on Etsy.com, and purchased this beautiful item for my friend’s birthday. Turned out Windy and David, the artisans of Windy’s Creations, live in Sedona which is near Prescott where I live so I thought that was cool. My friend loved the present and I loved that Windy and David shipped the item so quickly and it was as beautiful in person as it was in the photo!

Share your Pinterest page here if you have one. I’d love to go see it.

Have fun.

Inspiration for my newest acrylic painting

I get inspired by so many things that influence my work but my latest painting (that I’m still working on) was inspired by this rug below. This floor covering lives in our master bath and I see it day in and day out.

I began to wonder what it would be like to put two trees on either side of a large vertical painting and have something in the middle between them. Petroglyphs or symbols maybe?

RugWhat I intended to do with my painting and what it has become are completely different. I was trying to explain it to Greg. How a painting will create itself.

Here’s a sneak peek of part of what I’m working on.


I really wanted to use the earth tones that I was seeing in the piece of carpet. The browns, golds, and rust color. So I put those down first. But then lanterns and fireflies started to appear and then I had to start covering up the rust with dark blues and greens to make it look like night time and the painting began to take on a completely different form. I’ll show you the finished piece when it is done.

Have a great day!

Three Paintings I Would Never Sell

I know, I know, never say never. But I think, no, I’m pretty down right positive, that I would never sell these three.

I was asked this question the other day. Are there some paintings you would never sell? And it got me to thinking which ones that would be?

I’ve been told that an artist should keep a painting from each of their series. Or atleast a painting from each phase of their career so when they have a retrospective, there will be samples from each period of an artist’s career.

Well, I admit I do have a stack of paintings and a good sample from each of the phases of my career but 3 of my favs are:

Number 1.

A painting that I either gave to my Mom or she bought from me, I can’t really remember because it was in 1994. But I got it back after she passed away last Spring. So now I own this painting again and I’m not letting it go.

It’s titled “A Place No One Looked Quite Far Enough to Find.” Could be the longest title of one of my paintings or up there in the top 3. This is it below. It’s an abstract acrylic with collaged pieces of cut-out paper that I colored with oil pastel.


What do I like about it besides the title? The details. The markings and shapes. The transparency of the color. The mystical quality I feel when I look at it.


Number 2.

This is a painting I created when I moved to New York City and began painting at my art studio on 14th Street in Manhattan. It is titled “The Whole World is Full of Signs”. The year was 1997. It represents to me a period in my career where I developed my current style of painting using black lines and texture created from dipping string in paint. It was painted in acrylic on 3 postcard sized pieces of paper that I glued together.

What do I like about it? The shapes. The texture. The way the three upper shapes look like they are holding hands. I like the color, a darker color palette than I use today but I like the rich burgundy and light blue over red in it.


Number 3.

A painting I created after I was hypnotized. It was 1994 and my friend Ruth was studying to become a hypnotherapist and needed some people to volunteer so she could practice on them. So I volunteered. It’s a long story but the painting that I did afterwards represents that session.

It is acrylic on canvas with bits of collaged paper on it. I titled it “Feather and Sphere”.


There is much symbolism in this painting. I’ll go into that story in another post.

What do I like about it? I like the feather. The purple and orange together. The long braid. The memory it invokes of that dream-like state one falls into when one is hypnotized.


I like the memories and feelings I get from these 3 paintings. I love the way art can do that.

Are there some things, a painting, something you’ve created or been given that you would never get rid of? What is it and why do you hang on to it?

Inspirational Card Deck and New Whimsical Greeting Cards

As some of you know, I’ve been doing my positive affirmations on a daily basis. I like to pick an affirmation and then repeat it during the day. If you don’t know this now, then I will tell you…this commitment to yourself, committing to the possiblities of your dreams by saying positive affirmations and acknowledging where you want your life to lead, really works! It creates a shift. A movement toward  creating the life you want to live.

I decided to make myself a little card deck to help with this and now I’ve created some for you too. They’re in my Etsy Shop if you would like to purchase one.

Positive Affirmations Inspirational Card DeckInspirational Card Deck for the Creative Soul

I also made a card deck to help with people’s health goals. I call it the Positive Affirmations Card Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss. I put them on my fridge to remind me to stay healthy. You could tuck them in your pocket, purse or lunch bag for a little reminder during the day. Let it be a little whisper of inspiration for your soul.

healthdeck-3Positive Affirmations Card Deck for
Wellness and Weight Loss

I also have made some new greeting cards of my Magical Woodlands series.


Magical Woodlands Greeting Card Set

The smooth finish on these cards and the vivid colors are just the way I like them.  I think they printed beautifully. You can see these in my Etsy Shop too. I also have some other new greeting cards and bookmarks too. Hope you’ll check them all out.

namastecard-2Namaste Greeting Card

hewhisperedcard-2He Whispered of Love’s Journey Greeting Card

aspenbookmark1Magical Woodlands Bookmarks

Wishing you a little magic!

Life and Art in the Sun

Granted, it is has been gorgeous sunny weather since we’ve been in Baja. Just beautiful! But not every weekend is about the sun for us. One of the things we do while we’re down here in Baja is work on our little casita. We did a lot last year for sure but there is lots more we’d like to do.

This past weekend I tore out the tile on the kitchen counter tops that we’re going to replace with either smooth dyed concrete called pulido or some kind of smooth tile.

counter1I had installed these grooved tiles on the counter in 2003. Little did I know I would be tearing them out 7 years later. Back then it was my very first tile job. We used tiles we had on hand and it turns out they were the worst! So hard to clean with all the grooves in them. They drive me crazy! Anyway, it was a tough job chipping them out but I did it. I finished one side of the counter.


I’ll save the other side to do for another weekend. I’ll show you the end result with the new counters in a later blog post.

We’re loving having bananas to eat. We’re trying to space it out so they don’t all ripen at once. We have about 6 bunches in the trees. So far we’ve taken one bunch off the trees and hung them under the porch to ripen.


They are so tasty! Small but sweet.


We have lots more after these are eaten. We have a little corn growing too but I don’t know if we’ll be here long enough to eat it. We do have a basil plant that has grown huge and we’ve been snipping at it and adding it to fish and pasta dishes and to tuna sandwiches. I love growing our own food!


We also have the most unusual flies here. I call them fly-bees. The color is amazing on them! Iridescent turquoise! I love this shot with purpley lavender and green with the turquoise.


I have been painting lots too! I’m still doing birch trees and enjoying painting them so much! I was thinking about what it would be like to have something hanging in the trees so one of the trees is wearing a jeweled necklace.


Our neighbors across the way had some prayer flags hanging off their deck so I’m putting some prayer flags in one of the tree paintings too. Not sure if I like that one but I’ll keep working on it and see what happens. I took the below photo early this morning when there were still long shadows. I love that time of day in the early morning and just before the sun sets when long shadows come out.


And this is our dog Cody. His favorite thing to do is lay under the stairs in his “dog cave” and stay cool. This is him sitting just outside his cave. He came out to say hi. We think he’s awfully cute with one ear up and one ear down.


Today I’m working on my paintings so I’ll see you later.

hummingbird~~~ Enjoy your day! ~~~

Framing of my Paintings

I tend to frame my artwork with plain black frames and white mats. My thought is that my artwork is so colorful, that the simple look of the frame sets the painting off nicely, allowing the colors to shine and not be distracted by what surrounds it.


However, there have been times that I have added a more ornate frame or a colored frame and I’m usually happy with those choices as well. But it is far and few between that I verge from the simple black frame.

Although lately I’ve been wanting to do something different. So some of my Dream Garden paintings have brightly painted frames like the one below which I like.

Meditation Garden

I wanted to do something different with my new Birch tree painting, I decided to go for a colored frame and colored mat.

I find it a difficult process to choose something beyond my ordinary black frame and it usually takes me awhile, trying different samples and holding them up against the painting and trying to visualize what the final will look like. I work closely with my Framer and value her opinion because she is the professional and knows what will work and what won’t.

This time I chose a yellow frame that my Framer suggested. It has a whimsical quality to it with little textured lines in it. I decided to use a pale yellowish mat with an inner darker yellow mat. I think the yellow picks up the yellow in the painting nicely and goes well with the light blue background in the art.

yellow frame

The Framer suggested we set the two mats off from each other by lifting the top mat off the bottom one by 1/8″ which creates some depth and more interest. I liked that idea.


I think it came out really nice. I’ve been told it is much more beautiful in person than a photo can capture. I actually haven’t seen it yet in person as I am in Seattle still for another week. But it is hanging down at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in Bend if you’re in the area and want to go take a look.

Maybe I’ll continue branching out with my framing and use some different choices like I’ve done with this work.  What do you think? I’d love to know your opinion. Do you like the simple black frames and white mats or do you think the colored matts and frame are better? Or do you think it just depends on the piece?

The Way of Art and Healing

Meditation Garden by L. Gruger
Meditation Garden by L. Gruger

I have always felt art has the power to heal. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be an art therapist. Art Therapy is a form of therapy that uses art as the tool for helping people heal. The wikipedia definition says, “Using their skills in evaluation and psychotherapy, art therapists choose materials and interventions appropriate to their clients’ needs and design sessions to achieve therapeutic goals and objectives.” I talk more about this in my One Artist’s Journey, Part 3 blog post coming up on February 4th. I didn’t become an art therapist but I still believe in the powerful connection between art and healing.

I believe art can have a healing impact on the artist, the viewer and really the whole planet, as art is in every culture all around the world! There are stories that attest to art having the power to heal the body, as well as the mind and spirit. I just read a story about art and heart health. They talked about the connection of participating in creative activities such as the making of art, using music therapy and relaxation techniques to help lower a cardiac patients stress and anxiety which can reduce the liklihood of a cardiac event.

I think we are all creative and desire wellness. Christina Grant, Ph.D, a holistic healer located on the Monterey Peninsula says ” The two desires, participating in creation and maintaining wellness, walk hand in hand.


You too, can tap into your inner creative being, and lift your spirits, release energy, maintain your wellness but it first takes a longing to reveal your creativity in a physical form, whether making marks on paper, writing, with clay, food, color, photos, metal, jewelry making, paint on canvas, wood sculpture, fabric, scraps or paper mache. It’s almost endless, the types of materials one can use to make something. And then it takes an action, a movement toward making something! I have some other blog posts under the tag “Go Make Something” that you can read and maybe be inspired from. Creative visualization is an expressive means of creativity as well! Imagine yourself doing art, being well, achieving your goals, living your dream. This is all creativity!

I like what Shifra Stein says on her Living Artfully website about being in the presence of serene and calming art. How being in it’s presence can connect you to a spiritual level of being and that can help one relax and be less stressed. I like it when I hear people talk about my art in that way. That they are calmed or energized or feel happy when they look at my paintings.

Today I found an interesting blog titled the Healing Power of ART . It is so nice to find a community of like minded souls. I love that about the web.

Manhattan Arts has an art competition that promotes art and healing called Celebrate the Healing Power of Art 2010. “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” is an international project that celebrates Art’s tremendous healing benefits. Renée Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, presents an online exhibition of positive art that uplifts the spirit, plus profiles and writings to inspire and promote Art and Healing causes. I will submit some work to this project and see what happens.

Maybe you will be inspired to go make something! Let me know if you do.

Birds and Gardens by L. Gruger
More Birds and Gardens by L. Gruger

L. Gruger Art Used On Central Oregon Wellness Directory Cover

I was approached by Regina Callahan, the director of the Central Oregon Wellness Connection (COWC), if one of my paintings, titled “One Looked to Another”, could be used on the cover of the new Central Oregon Wellness directory. She explained to me what the Wellness Directory and their new website was about and I new it was a good thing. I felt honored and said yes.

The website at www.OregonWellness.net says:

“Central Oregon Wellness Connections is THE resource for practitioners, services and products that support the wellness of your mind, body, spirit, heart, and home.

Holding the highest intention for wholeness of the individual, families, community and the planet, it is the vision of Central Oregon Wellness Connection to make the steps toward wellness more accessible through education, information and resources.”

The below info was taken from a COWC newsletter.


What is Central Oregon Wellness Connection?

COWC is an opportunity for you as a provider of wellness services or products to educate and inform the community about who you are, the services you provide, and your unique gifts and talents.

COWC is an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, high quality printed directory dedicated to the wellness community.

COWC is also a website directory with the additional benefit of a Community Calendar where you can post events, classes and workshops as well as a Classified page.

COWC is a reference tool and a natural health resource guide. Readers will find listings and descriptions on all aspects of natural and holistic health including: alternative/complementary therapies, personal growth, nutrition, green living, organics, fitness, natural beauty, sustainability, retreats, family health, healthy pets and much more.

COWC will be published two times a year and available at places where health conscious people gather: fitness centers, gyms, spas, restaurants, juice and coffee bars, health food stores, retail stores, health practitioner and veterinary clinics, hospitals, the college, and businesses from Madras to La Pine.

I hope you’ll check out the new Central Oregon Wellness Connection website and make it a habit of seeing what’s new there. I know I will be.

Colorful Bookmarks made from Mini Paintings

Lately there’s a couple things I’ve been collecting from my travels and one of them is bookmarks. I love having different bookmarks from places I’ve been. I have bookmarks from Italy and Baja that I especially enjoy using. And I do love art bookmarks that feature the work of artists I admire. So on that note, I decided to make some of my own bookmarks featuring the artwork of some of my mini paintings.

Dream Garden Bookmark
Dream Garden Bookmark

I used my large format printer to print out the images on heavy weight fine art paper. I put 2 coats of acrylic satin varnish on them which makes the colors really vibrant and the surface super smooth. So far I’ve made three different bookmarks. The first one I call my Garden Dream Series and it features 3 abstract flower paintings. I decided to attach them to a 5″ x 7″ card with clear plastic corners and put them in a cello sleeve so someone could use it as a gift. I was going to put an envelope in with them but decided against it. But one could mail it in an envelope and write on the back of the 5″ x 7″ card.

Jeweled Sky Bookmark
The next set I made are images from my Jeweled Sky mini paintings. So I call it the Jeweled Sky Series Bookmarks.

The back of the bookmark has some hand printed type at the bottom of it that says the date and my website URL. I don’t want folks to forget where it came from. The back of the 5″ x 7″ card has some small handprinted type at the bottom of the card as well that reads “Hand Made by Lindy Gruger Hanson” “Bend, Oregon” ” www.artbylindy.com” I always like when things say the date and where they came from. I have a few things I’ve picked up in my travels that say that. I have a Santa Christmas Ornament from Hawaii with the date on it. It reminds me of that trip every time I hang it on the tree and I smile inside remembering how silly it seemed to be buying a Christmas Ornament in Hawaii when it was near 90 degrees.

Holiday Bookmark

Then I made a Holiday bookmark that features my “Angel Guide The Way” painting, my “Fly with Joy” and “I Love The Seasons” images. I think they would make great stocking stuffers! I might make a more masculine bookmark so I can give them to my nephews …oooo, I hope they’re not reading this 😉  My best friend might like one but she’ll probably stick it on the fridge for decoration…hmmm, that’s an idea, I might put one on my fridge just for fun to decorate it… and then my sister who reads a lot might like one and then there’s my Mom who enjoys reading and uses bookmarks…maybe you know someone too who might like one? Find them at my Etsy Shop at http://lgrugerhanson.etsy.com Enjoy!

New Moonheadmama Painting Video on Youtube

The making of the first Moonheadmama painting is now on my youtube channel. It is a short video that shows most of how I made this art. And painting No. 1 is also listed on ebay! 20% of the proceeds will go to a non-profit called Acres of Hope which helps homeless women and their children.

UPDATE: This painting was SOLD on ebay.

First Moonheadmama Painting Finished

“She Sang a Garden Lullaby
to Moonbaby”

14″ x 11″
Acrylic on Paper

I finished my first Moonheadmama painting this afternoon. #1 in the series. I’ve always loved the title Moonheadmama and I’ve had a web site by that name for about 5 years. It was here in Todos Santos over a couple margaritas and some creative brainstorming that the name Moonheadmama was born. But since then I haven’t done a lot with the Moonheadmama.com web site so recently I decided to use it to showcase Moonheadmama paintings! I will also be putting these new paintings on ebay and auctioning them off to the highest bidder. 20% of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Acres of Hope. Acres of Hope is a long term housing program for homeless women with children. I also made a video on the making of the first Moonheadmama painting and I’ll be putting it on my Youtube channel soon!

I’m positive this series of paintings will evolve as I continue to paint them. I enjoyed it immensely because I pretty much let this painting create itself. I like the title too which is always a big part of my paintings. “She Sang a Garden Lullably to Moonbaby”…I think it’s sweet. The Moonheadmama series will celebrate love, hope, joy, peacefulness and the ties between mother and child.

Tiny Art Collection and "Shortpants"

I like tiny art. I’ve always liked to collect things too. So I’ve started a Tiny Art Collection of some of my Lyrical World paintings as very small prints. They will fit neatly in your own 5″ x 7″ frame. The actual image size is 4.6″ x 6.7″. You can see and purchase the first two at my Imagekind online store. Buy them as a petite print and I suggest the UltraSmooth Fine Art paper as the paper choice. I think it will be fun to have a Tiny Art Print Showcase for you to choose from. I’ll be adding images periodically and will keep you updated when I add more.

Speaking of small. Belle and Cody, our two border collies, have befriended the neighbors dog next door to us. His name is Solo but we’ve started calling him “Shortpants”. He is so cute and has the shortest legs when he is standing next to our dogs. I took a photo of him this morning. There’s something about his stance. His short little legs and barrel chest that sticks out when he prances about that makes him look like he’d be a great cartoon character.

Solo aka “Shortpants”

Fun, Whimsical Skateboard

I’m having a whole lotta fun making things with my art! I thought a skateboard would be a cool thing to design using an image from my new painting “One Played While the Others Flew”. You can see it at my Zazzle store. It is amazing all the different places you can sell your art and designs online these days. Here is a link to “40+ Places to Sell Your Designs Online” at Mashable.com. Have fun!

UPDATE: I was just notified that my skateboard design was given a “Todays Best” award at Zazzle.com. Visit: http://www.zazzle.com/pd/awards