Art for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts for Your Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here! Does your Mama love art?

I know you’ve got a wonderful Mom that deserves something really special for being the terrific person that she is. Someone who has made a big impact on your life, so I’ve got some great gift ideas for you!

I bet she’d love some new, colorful artwork to decorate her home or office, so I’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day Art Prints that will make it easy for you to shop for her!

Treat your Mom to something personalized – a custom worded print for her walls to show her how much you love her.

Try a saying like:

Mothers are marvelous beings.
They love us with their whole soul.
Value us more than anyone else on the planet.
Bring us their strength with hugs and open hearts.
Mothers create memories and do for us more
than they do for themselves.
They matter more than our words can express.
We love you Mom!

custom art printOr use your own unique words to craft a personalized art piece she will treasure!

My popular print “She Wanted the Rainbow, So She Put Up with the Rain” is sure to inspire her.

She Wanted the Rainbow Print

I also like this print “They Were Like Beacons of Light” with it’s cheerful yellow birds and magical background.

Yellow Bird Print

Or if she’s a bike rider, she might enjoy this print “Peace Out.”

Bike and Raven Print

Another popular print is “Red Dog Sleeps by the Light of the Moon.” I love this curled up red doggie!

Red Dog art print


And to go with her art print, I’m sure she would love a Hummingbird Happy Mother’s Day card.

Hummingbird Mother's Day Card

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Free Art for You

Free Art for You

I do love Free Stuff and I especially love free Art! So I decided to make some of mine available for my readers and art lovers.

If you head on over to my page called Free Art, you can pick up some free jpgs of my art. Here’s a little sample of a couple of them.

Go to the Free Art page to actually download the art in high resolution.

Raven Spirit Art

Raven Spirit, 5″ x 5″

Little Blue Beach Shack by Lindy Gaskill

Little Blue Beach Shack, 8″ x 10″

Find other free stuff on my Pinterest page at

Three Treasures from the Day

Our Native American Acoma Wedding Vase that we’ll use in our wedding ceremony on September 22. We purchased it from Vision Quest Traders and it’s made by Santana Phillips. We love the design.

Native American Wedding Vase


Peace cranes that I’m folding for our wedding decorations. I learned how from a diagram I found on the web.

Peace Cranes


Greg’s wedding ring arrived in this gold box in a sparkly pouch! Fun! We bought it from the Silvercrush Shop on Etsy. Sorry you can’t see it yet but after the wedding Greg might give you a peek.

Greg's Ring

Happy Day to you!

How to search for art you like

Use your list from the last post to search for art you like.

This is an excerpt from Artist Kesha Bruce’s ebook Art Buying for Art Lovers.

Kesha Bruce is an American mixed-media artist living in France. In addition to her studio work, Kesha is also Director of Baang and Burne Contemporary Art, a curatorial project based in New York, which produces onenight-only art events for art collectors. Her ideas on art, collecting, and creativity can be found in her weekly articles at

The second cool reward for creating your “Like List” is that you’re ready to start looking at art. As
a new collector you may still feel a bit sheepish about strolling into an art gallery and asking for a
specific kind of artwork, so instead I suggest you take a baby-step and do some internet research

Before your eyes glaze over at the thought of doing on-line research, let me assure you right now
that this will be the most pleasurable research you will ever do. In fact feel free to call it “browsing”.
Just to get you started I’m going to share with you a little trick that will make the process of on-line

art browsing a bit easier. You don’t want to waste your time looking at just anything — you
want to zero in on artwork that matches your specific likes.

Step #1

Start with your “Like List”. Look it over and pick out a few descriptive words and
categories. For example: from my “Like List”, I would start out by choosing the words:
narrative, mythology, ink, charcoal, painting, drawing
Step #2

Jump on over to Google and type in your descriptive terms as search words.
But — instead of doing a web search, you’re going to pick “image search”. Rather than being
presented with a list of 3,740 websites to look at, you’re going to get actual images to look at.

Step #3

When you see an artwork that tickles your fancy, all you have to do is follow the image
link back to the website it belongs to and you’ve got a place to start browsing. With any luck
you’ll be able to get more information about the artwork and the artist who made it. If the link
lands you on a gallery website, congrats! Now you have a whole universe of art to look at.
You may not find the artwork of your dreams using my high-tech Google method, but it is
hands down the easiest and most immediate way to start educating your eyes. No matter what
you do or don’t find, you’ll be one step closer to becoming an educated art consumer.
The simple truth is that the more art you see, the more you understand what it is that you
really enjoy. The more time you spend looking and educating yourself, the more confidence you
will have when it comes to the actual buying part of collecting art.

Hope that helps with growing your art collection!