Native American Images in my Art

In April of 2007, I put up a tipi on my property.I love it. I loved the whole process of getting it and painting it and having a birthday party where about 15 friends/family members helped me put it up. And now, having it as a place to meditate or nap or read or visit with friends has inspired me to create Native American images in my paintings. I love pictographs and their symbolic meanings. I tried to implement that…

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Generous spirit vs Hoarding space monger

While traveling, and for that matter on one’s life path, I believe one must keep an open mind and open spirit of generosity. Last night was a good example of the opposite of that in some people my boyfriend and I came across.Generous spirit vs Hoarding space monger. Which would you rather be known as? We came across the latter type last night at the Sheryl Crow concert (wonderful concert by the way!). Some people threw a blanket down on…

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I will be updating this blog with images from some of my latest paintings and ramblings about them as well as images from my latest adventures. Stay tuned and thanks for dropping in to see what’s what. Sharing is nice

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