border1cWhen Lindy was a child, she loved looking under her parents bed where piles of prints and original art were waiting to be framed and put on the walls of their eclectically decorated home. Sifting through the abstract and expressionist art, Lindy was in awe of such wonderful pattern and color!

Lindy’s parents were art collectors with a passion for sharing their love of fine art. There were paintings covering the living room walls and decorating the turquoise painted dining room. Family vacations included visiting art museums and galleries and one could browse big art books adorning the living room coffee table.

Lindy, the youngest, let her imagination be stirred with the images and colors of the great art masters. She loved to look at paintings by Kandinsky, Miro, Chagall, Dali, Klee and many others. It was this exposure to art, that moved her to want to create.

Lindy loved making things. “I would close myself in my bedroom, make something, then come out and with a sweep of the arm say, see what I made.” She made things like a big white castle with leftover styrofoam, a cardboard play house, a Raggedy Ann doll sewn from scrap material, or a winter snowman. She drew people, animals, and castles and kept sketchbooks of her drawings. “I was always encouraged to create and I am so grateful for that!”

pencil drawing of castle and alien© Lindy Gaskill, Pencil drawing from high school

Born in Seattle, Washington in 1959, Lindy earned a Bachelors in Fine Art from Washington State University. It was during a conversation with a professor that helped shape the career path Lindy was to take. “My prof said I was going to have to decide whether to take a commercial approach to my art or stick with a fine art path. He scared me into thinking that the fine art approach would be a tough one. So I decided to specialize in Graphic Arts.”

After college, Lindy worked for a weekly newspaper, various print shops, and advertising agencies as a computer production artist. However, her passion for creating art would not be deterred. At the same time, she was creating and showing her paintings at local galleries in Seattle.

In 1995, Lindy took a 3 month trek through Europe including a boat ride over to St. Petersburg, Russia from Stockholm to see the art at the Hermitage Museum. Lindy traveled through 9 countries, meeting people from many different cultures. When she got back to Seattle she decided to expand her world and move to New York City to continue her artistic path.

She established herself with an art studio in Manhattan and worked part-time for ad agencies as a graphic production artist. She began showing her work with The 14th Street Painters, a group of professional and emerging artists, represented by the Earl Gallery.

Lindy’s artwork flourished with the frenetic and creative environment of the city and this is where she developed her painting style.

With a long-time desire to become an art therapist, in the summer of 1999,  Lindy moved to Portland, Oregon and enrolled in the Art Therapy Masters Program at Marylhurst University. At the same time she began showing her work with Portland’s the Talisman Gallery. Soon she became employed full-time with another ad agency and decided to fore go becoming an art therapist and starting over in a new career.

Lindy in Bend, Oregon Art Studio© Lindy Gaskill, In Bend, Oregon Art Studio

In 2003, she moved to Bend, Oregon where she began showing her work at The Tumalo Art Co. gallery. Bend’s Deschutes Brewery chose Lindy as their 2007 Jubelale artist and she won a third place award for her artwork in Mirror Pond Gallery’s “Shoozam, the Shoe as Metaphor” show.

Lindy’s art has been featured in articles in local newspapers and on website’s across the internet. Her collectors range from all over the United States to Canada, Australia, Germany and Mexico. Her painting “One Raven Looked to Another” was featured on the cover of the first edition of the 2010 Central Oregon Wellness Directory.

sweetriot-barsHer art was also chosen to be on three of the 2011 riotbars packaging, an organic dark chocolate bar by sweetriot, located in New York City and distributed throughout the U.S. and most recently, her art was featured on the cover of the June 2013 edition of Arts & Health journal.

Lindy loved her time spent in Oregon however, in December 2011, having always wanted to live in the mountain and desert lands of the Southwest, Lindy relocated to Prescott, Arizona.

In September of 2012, Lindy married artist, Greg Gaskill, and changed her name from Gruger Hanson to Lindy Gaskill.

The latest news is that Lindy and Greg have sold their Prescott home and are in transition. They are currently enjoying life in Mexico and will be making a home near Bellingham, Washington in 2015.

When Lindy isn’t in the studio painting, she loves hiking and adventuring with Greg and their two border collies, Cody and Belle. They love to travel and often can be found planning their next adventure.

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If you would like to read Lindy’s resumé, go here>

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