This shed is getting a remodel into an art studio

So many of you know we moved to Sedro Woolley to a place on the Skagit River. So I haven’t had a usable art studio for awhile.

Today, we were finally able to empty out this little shed. It was used as a storage shed this past winter and has been waiting to have it’s contents moved into the garage! And now it’s done!

I’m so excited because this is going to be the home of my new art studio! It’s small but it will be plenty big for what I need.

It will need a remodel to make it usable of course.

My sweetie said he could put a skylight and windows in it! Yay! That will be wonderful as it is a bit dark in the woods.

I can’t wait to get started. First up, clean it, inside and out!

I’ll post some more pics when it gets further along.

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