Goals for Artists

When I started creating my art. Nobody told me about business goals or how to actually start becoming an artist full-time. I had to figure it out myself by trial and error and searching online for articles to read. I also at one time hired an art biz coach who set me up with some of the basics.

I’ve found that for me having different income streams works really well. I not only sell my originals but I also sell prints, do art licensing and commissioned paintings. I do some graphic design work and work online part-time as an image specialist for a company.

Here is a big tip. Focus on what you want and limit your time on the computer! Spend more time in the studio making art and fine tuning an “art style” that is all your own.

And educating yourself about marketing and business practices really helps!

To be successful, it comes down to knowing what you want and figuring out how you will achieve it.

Here are some Goals for Artists to help get you started thinking about what you can achieve.

Goals for Artists

• Develop your brand and increase brand awareness

• Decide how much money you want to make, then figure out how many paintings or prints of each size you need to sell per month

• Start a blog with an editorial schedule (I haven’t done this myself but it’s on my list!)
Here is an example,
– Monday you post about your studio time
– Tuesday’s might be about a poem or saying that you like
– Wed. you post about your passion
– Thursday is sharing your process
– Friday you post about a goal you have

• Add new sizes of prints to your shop

• Start painting a new series

• Start painting larger or smaller paintings than what you have been doing

• Open an Etsy Shop and sell originals or prints of your work (learn about marketing an Etsy Shop)

• Launch a new product

• Write an e-book and sell it on your blog to generate cash flow

• Start an income generating project such as licensing

• Start an email list

• Encourage customers to join your email list by offering a freebie. Set a goal such as 25 customers a month

• Create a freebie on your website such as a free desktop wallpaper download, A list of resources, or a manifesto

• Create a marketing budget

• Develop a sales sheet of what paintings you have available that you can hand out to gallery owners and potential buyers

• Sell your art on greeting cards for another income stream

• Create a promo postcard to mail to your email list.

• Track progress on your website using Google Analytics

• Find out who your competition is and research where they are advertising. Which blogs or websites are they on?

• Figure out places to advertise your art whether online, in magazines or other places.

• Implement press releases into your marketing plan

• Expand your geographic reach by getting into more galleries or shows

• Develop a good accounting system to manage your money

• Develop a good system for recording your art pieces size, title, price, when sold, where it’s being shown, etc.

• Clean up your art studio

• Plan an open studio event

• Add an organization system to your studio with new shelves or furniture

• Convert a portion of your studio into retail gallery space

Now that you have a list of things you can do, you need to make a plan to accomplish them. Pick a few goals to work on at a time. Get out the calendar and start putting down on a timeline what you can do for achieving what you want.

Here are some of my fav websites and articles to find more information.

Licensing – http://mariabrophy.com/

Marketing an Etsy Shop – Shop Fundamentals by Lisa Jacobs

Sell your art on greeting cards – Greeting Card Universe

Eureka Guides for marketing and selling online – Eureka Etsy Shop

Acrylic paints – Utrecht art supplies

Marketing info for artists – Red Dot Blog

Clear, protective sleeves for prints – Clearbags.com



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