Chikara Reiki Do Review

lotusOver the years I’ve had a fascination with Reiki. I didn’t really know what it involved but I’d read some amazing stories about people being healed from Reiki.

Being a big believer in energy and the power of art to heal, and my belief that we are all one, drove me to want to learn more about Reiki energy.

I remember reading in my horoscope over the years that I was a natural healer. I felt that in my soul but I felt a little embarassed to say it out loud or admit that to anyone. Who am I to say I’m a healer? I wasn’t allowing myself the permission. It’s easy for me to say I’m an artist but a healer? Yet, that is what I do with my art. The stories people send me about how my art has helped heal them shows me that yes, I am a healer.

Artists are healers. Truly.

I found this definition on the web of Reiki.
rei·ki, ˈrākē/ noun: reiki
  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

It’s understood that for one to become a Reiki healer one has to become attuned by a Reiki Master. Simply put, anyone can gain access to this energy through an attunement process.

Recently, a friend of mine had a Reiki attunement and told me more about the Reiki healing energy that she felt and used on herself. I started doing more research as it sounded quite amazing.

In learning more, I found that sure it’s touch, but you can also send healing energy by not touching someone but rather through one’s aura and holding one’s hands over a person or even through distance healing!

Wow, is this for real? I did even more research. Some say it is just a placebo effect yet others are saying it really is a true method for healing.

My friend who was attuned and using it on herself said she was relieved of pain in her wrist. And there were other stories I was reading on the web that said it did work.

So after learning about Reiki, I too, like my friend, felt a strong calling to be attuned to Reiki so I could do my own self healing and on loved ones, namely my hubby Greg and our doggies, Cody and Belle. 🙂

However, I didn’t know where I would find a Reiki Master to give me an attunement.

I came across this really great website where it talked about doing a self-attunement. This made me do even more research because there is some controversy over whether one can self-attune or if one needs a Reiki Master to do the attunement.

Well, in the end, I decided to find out for myself and I purchased the program at

And I’ve just finished reviewing what is probably the 
best and most complete Reiki Master training package

 on the internet.

The presentation and content are awesome! And if you want to teach Reiki or attune others, there is info on that too.

So my Chikara Reiki Do Review says yes, this is a fine program and I give it a thumbs up!

I was happy to find all these things in this program.

• The best selling Ebook Radical Reiki – Radical Life
 which tells you all about how Reiki, life, the universe 
and how they all work.

• The unique Chikara-Reiki-Do Master self-attunement which
 takes you to the level of Chikara-Reiki-Do Master. I recommend taking your time and really learning about it instead of doing it in 48 hrs or even 24 hrs!

• The Usui Reiki Master self-attunement

• The Tibetan Reiki Master self-attunement

• The complete online self-attunement video

• The complete online Usui Reiki Master Distance

• The complete online Tibetan Reiki Master Distance

• Three professional Reiki Manuals to give to your 
students, or just keep for yourself

• Video showing you how to attune others the
 Chikara-Reiki-Do way

• Video showing you how to attune others to all 
levels of Reiki the Usui way

• Ebook showing you how to run your own Reiki 
Practice – so you’ll know exactly what to do

• Full certification for you and your students
 with very nice looking certificates

• Access to hundreds of other Chikara-Reiki-Do
 Masters in the online Forum…And lots and lots of help and support too.

Judith Conroy, the creator of this course has been a 
teaching Reiki Master for over 16 years now and has 
been teaching Reiki online for over 13 of those 
years to thousands of students – so she
 knows exactly what’s needed which is why the quality of her course is super terrific.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program! I loved the self attunement process and all the things that come with this program.

Click here to learn more about Chikara Reiki Do!

And if you would like to learn more about Reiki philosophy, you can read the 5 Inspiring Principles of Reiki at They write, “The five Reiki principles are uplifting phrases or affirmations that are often recited in Hatsurei-Ho, a method of Japanese Reiki meditation.” And you know I love affirmations. So check it out!

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