Do what you love and go on a fantastic journey.

This is post 10 in my 10 post blog series on using Beth Kempton’s PDF titled “Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.”  The Steps and journal prompts are taken from her PDF. You can also join Beth’s Do What You Love e-course, which will help you with a step-by-step process in finding your true passion to get on a path to doing what you love!


Journal prompts: There isn’t a journal prompt in the pdf for #10.

But there are some suggestions to try such as, “Declare to your friends and family that you are choosing to do what you love, and put a plan in place to embark on your journey.”

Flying Fish painting

© Lindy Gaskill, “A Fantastic Journey”, 24″ x 30″, acrylic on wood

When I was young, like in high school, I thought that I would like to have a career in the arts. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a fine artist or a graphic artist. (You can read more about that in my Artist Journey Series on my blog.) I eventually chose the commercial art route and got a degree in Fine Art specializing in graphic design. Fortunately it also allowed me to do my fine art on the side as well.

I tell people I’ve had a dual career as a fine artist and a graphic artist. It’s been a good mix for me. And now as I get more into licensing my art, my graphic design background is even more helpful.

I feel very grateful I’m able to follow my passion in the arts and make a career of what I love.

I hope if you’re not doing what you love, that you will look into how you can change your life’s direction and connect with your true calling. Good luck and good thoughts to you!


2 thoughts on “Do what you love and go on a fantastic journey.

  • November 23, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    This is fantastic……like a fantasy dream in the water….
    Wished I could have gone your route into art. I spent my entire career in finance and am now starting late!

    • November 25, 2013 at 8:24 am

      It’s great that you’ve found your calling and can now do what you love! Your art is gorgeous. 🙂


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