This is post 9 in my 10 post blog series that I’m writing using Beth Kempton’s PDF titled “Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.”  The Steps and journal prompts are taken from her PDF.


Journal prompts: Which aspects of my personality have taken a back seat lately?
Which aspects would I like to see more of in my life, and how can I bring them forward?

Lindy teaching

Lindy as teacher.

We are so many things and we play so many roles. We are a combination of everything that we do, and feel and say and act on. I am woman, artist, friend, wife, computer artist, painter, dancer, cook, kayaker, bike rider, child, aunt, graphic artist, (plus so much more) and now teacher .

I recently put myself in this role. Teaching has taken a backseat in my life but lately it is one aspect that I’ve been wanting to develop.

Isn’t it wonderful, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives.

For me, it was a student that arrived.

I’ve never taught a class before but I took on a private student and held lessons for a couple weeks in my studio.

We had a blast! So much energy and emotion went into these paintings. I love what my student created!

He really started to develop his own style which is what every artist wants – to develop their own fingerprint and recognizable work.

In my teaching, I used a combination of everything I’ve been taught by my own teachers and of course, my own personal techniques and processes. It was a learning experience for my student but also for me.

I learned what works, and what could work better. I was open to what developed. I leaned into trust and the reward of letting go and so did my student. It was really fun!

So I would like to put it out there, if you are interested in private painting lessons, contact me and we can set something up.

If you can be all that you can be, what aspect would you work on?

Happy painting!