Number 4 blog post in Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love

I am doing a 10 day blog series on Beth Kempton’s  PDF download titled Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.” This is Day 4.

Beth says, it “is a simple 10-step guide to help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.”


She Knew Peace Lived Within Painting by Lindy Gaskill



Journal prompt: When you take the time to look, listen and seek, what are you drawn to? What do you notice? What patterns do you see in what interests you?

Although this step is to open your eyes, I added an image showing the eyes closed. That is because I don’t think you literally have to have your eyes open to see. Sometimes, it is in seeing with other senses that one “sees.”

I like to listen, smell, feel and see with my eyes closed. The smell of Fall is in the air right now. The crisp mornings. It just feels like Autumn is here.

I like to “see” by writing in my gratitude journal. I can look back in it and see where I have been, and what has been important in my life. I like to write 5 things I am grateful for in my journal. I would love to say I write in it everyday but I haven’t. But I have kept it going for years now and I’m on my 3rd journal.

What do you see?

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