Creative visualization and positive affirmations

Open Channel to Creative Energy

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in positive affirmations and using one’s imagination to visualize the life you want to lead.

Lately I’ve been reading the Shakti Gawain book “Creative Visualization.” It’s a book I’ve read before but I felt like revisiting it. I like how I can learn something new when I go back and reread something after it’s been awhile since I’ve read it.

One of the affirmations Shakti Gawain mentions is, “I am an open channel to creative energy.” I love that!

It is an affirmation that in the past I visually would picture in my head, being an open channel to a higher power, tapping into the creative force of the universe, but I had never actually stated it in words as an affirmation. When I read those words, it was an “ah ha” moment.

I’m pretty sure I will be thinking the words “I am an open channel to creative energy” now, as well as visualizing being an open channel, whenever I am in the creative mode.

Positive Affirmations Card Deck
Positive Affirmations Card Deck by Lindy Gaskill

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