My last post in this series was about intuition, trust in the process and having faith all will turn out the way it is supposed to turn out. Yay! I truly believe in that.

Today’s post is about unique painting techniques that make up your style of painting. Or as Ariane Goodwin from says, your unique painting “fingerprint.”

Your fingerprint is what makes your painting unique to you. It’s what makes people able to recognize your work. It’s something I think artists need to develop as they continue to paint and progress in their career. Of course these techniques and the look of your work can develop and change.

The look of my paintings have changed over the years and I’m glad that they have. One of my goals is to see growth in my artwork and I think I’m accomplishing that.

It’s not been without some frustration though but I’ve kept at it. To develop my fingerprint, it took lots of experimenting and playing with different mediums until I found something that I liked.

For me, it’s using acrylics on paper, wood and canvas. I’ve found certain techniques that make my work recognizable as mine.

Foremost is the vivid color with black outline. This is one of my newest paintings below.

Colorful Aspen Tree Painting

© Lindy Gaskill, “Yellow Moon on the Rise”, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on wood, 1.5″ black painted sides, $345

I like to create pattern in the underpainting which looks like this.

The pattern may be in black or different colors like this green leaf pattern.

I also like to use thin cotton string dipped in red or black paint which I use to splatter squiggle marks over the painting. I like the texture it makes. And I’ve also been using white ink to create patterns in the background and in the trunks of the trees.

These are just a few painting techniques in my process. What makes up your fingerprint?