My peace tree painting inspired 7th Graders in Illinois

On occasion, I’ll get an email from someone who has seen one of my images online or visited my youtube channel and lets me know they’re using my painting technique or image to inspire their own paintings or life.  I feel honored and humbled that my art is touching so many people! And I appreciate the feedback, it keeps me doing what I’m doing, creating uplifting art!

A couple weeks ago, I got three emails in one week from three separate individuals. I thought to myself, Wow, I love that my art is reaching out to people!

The painting of mine below, titled “The Trees Sing to the River,” inspired a classroom of forty 7th graders in River Forest, Illinois. I am so happy that the dancing, magical nature of my whimsical, peace trees have touched people.

 “The Trees Sing to the River”, © Lindy G. Gaskill

A woman contacted me and wrote about my painting, “I was looking for a project to do with some 7th graders. I was struck by the bold colors, richness and playfulness of it. My daughter goes to a Catholic school, and they have an auction at which the students’ class projects are auctioned to raise money for the school. The 7th grade students produced a 3’x4′ canvas collage that is very similar to yours…and it’s absolutely beautiful!”

She wanted to know if it was alright with me to use my painting as their inspiration and to auction off the kids work. I said yes.

When I get a request such as this, when the layout is so similar to mine, I ask that my name and website be mentioned to show where the inspiration came from. She was happy to do so.

This is the painting the 7th graders created.

They came up with their own twist on how to produce it. I was told, “The kids were divided into groups and given strips of black roof tar paper & oil pastels & white paint to make the trees. Each student was given a chance to work on the background also. Lastly, they all signed their names on one of the trees. It’s truly a beautiful masterpiece…” And you can see that it is!

You can also see the signatures in the bark of the tree below. What a great idea!

If you would like to go to the online auction, go here, item #319>

The description of it reads, “St. Luke 7th grade is packed with artistic talent! Each student artist has worked a bit of magic into this one-of-a-kind multimedia masterpiece depicting an enchanted birch tree forest with rich colors and whimsy. Try to spy your artist’s name hidden in the forest! The 7th grade collage project was inspired by a similar painting by Lindy Gaskill, a respected artist from Prescott, AZ. Her work may be viewed and purchased on her website:”

I’d like to say to the 7th graders who worked on this project, thank you for sharing your art with me and the world! I hope your creativity inspires others too!

If you’d like to see more of my whimsical, “peace tree” paintings, go here>

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2 thoughts on “My peace tree painting inspired 7th Graders in Illinois

  • February 16, 2017 at 5:05 am

    Hi, Lindy! I just discovered your work on Pinterest and love it! Do you have tutorials anywhere explaining how you produce your art? I’m mostly an appreciator, not so artistic myself, but I’ve been dabbling a bit and would love to learn from you.


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