New Acrylic Hummingbird and Garden Painting

I’ve finished some new paintings and I’ll be posting them here in the weeks to come.

It’s been fabulous painting again in my Baja studio! I love the light and looking at palm trees and the view of the ocean. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to create art in this kind of setting.

I’ll first put my new work on the VIP page of my website for those who have access to view first and then a week later I’ll be posting them on my website and blog. If you have VIP access, you will have first dibs at purchasing any paintings that I put on the VIP page.

There are  tiny little hummingbirds here in Todos Santos that we’ve been watching in our garden and they are beautiful!

I have a love of birds. And I think hummingbirds are special. I also love bird symbolism and what their meaning can represent.

Hummingbirds are a symbol of luck, love and joy. No wonder I love painting them!

So I’m been inspired by these tiny creatures and feel they are a good omen when I see them fluttering about.

What is one of your favorite birds?

©Lindy Gruger, A Hummingbird Garden, acrylic on paper, image size: 8″ x 10″,
framed 16″ x 13″, $325

NOTE: Normally, I would be posting images of our stay here but I forgot my camera’s download cord so I don’t have access to the photos until I get home.

I’ll be doing a series of posts about our trip but you will have to wait a few days.

We are getting ready tto travel back starting tonight by taking the Baja Ferry. We’ll be going back the same way we came. Going over to mainland Mexico from La Paz and driving to San Carlos, Nogales and Tucson and then on to Prescott.

Peace, Lindy

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