We took the Topolobampo Ferry to La Paz

This is the last post about our road trip down to Todos Santos in Baja Mexico from Prescott, AZ.

We headed out of San Carlos to the Topolobampo ferry and got there 3 hours ahead of time, as the bajaferries.com website suggested. If we knew the ferry was going to leave at 8 pm instead of 5 pm, we might not have rushed to get there!

We got our ferry ticket and walked the dogs and gave them water before we got on the ferry. We waited till most of the cars had loaded so we could be on a top deck so our dogs would have fresh air with the windows rolled down. It was pretty hot out.

We gave Cody and Belle a sedative so they could sleep most of the trip. Turned out that was a very good thing and I’m really glad we did because their stay in the car turned out to be longer than we thought. They were comfortable sleeping and had bowls of water next to them.

If we knew the ferry ride experience was going to take 15 hours instead of 6, we might not have gone that way is what Greg said. I didn’t have too many expectations, so I would do it again.

After we got onboard we explored the ferry which was really nice. It was made in Italy. Went outside on the decks and looked at the view. Talked to a few people. Met a nice musician. Then we headed to a bar area and had an ice cold beer with lime. Refreshing!

We wandered around. I read a magazine. Greg explored. Finally 3 hours later, the ferry took off!

Our ticket came with a free meal so we ate dinner and then went to the cinema area to watch a movie. Most people there were sleeping in big recliner chairs. Soon I was sleeping too which made the 6 hour ride go fairly fast.

I only wished I had a blanket or my jacket to make a pillow which would have made thngs more comfortable. Greg would have liked to have had earplugs as between the movie noise, the guy snoring next to him and the man behind us on his cell phone, he didn’t get much sleep. I on the other hand was oblivious and got good shut eye.

Finally at 2 a.m. we pulled into La Paz. We had drank a coffee to stay awake before the ship started on loading.

One of the things they do is separate the drivers from the passengers when they unload the boat. So that was a little disconcerting because we didn’t know where or when we would meet up. Having only one cell phone between us didn’t help matters otherwise we could have stayed in touch. So I kissed Greg goodnye and trusted we would meet up soon.

I went to the passenger area and waited. People started moving so I got in line and followed. We went through an inspection area like at the airport with a metal detector and a machine that scanned luggage. Soon I was outside wondering where to meet Greg.

I could see that the cars that were unloading were all going past this one area so I stood there hoping to catch Greg and let him know where I was.  I could see that they weren’t letting passengers get into the unloaded cars as they moved past. One had to go to a different area that was beyond where I was to do that.

Soon there he was! Yeah! I waved and he saw me. I yelled, I’ll meet you out front and pointed to him where I would be. He nodded. I thought he would just drive around to that area and I would meet him there and that would be that. It was 2:30 a.m.

At 6am, he finally pulls up to where I was.

For 3.5 hours, he had to stay in line as they slowly inched along and did inspections. I on the other hand was waiting out front wondering where he was. I finally asked a worker if this was normal. Yes, he said. I heard someone say it could take over 3 hours!

All the cars and trucks and buse on the ferry would go by where I was, so I knew Greg would eventually find me. So I sat down and waited, wishing I had a jacket as I was freezing in my shorts and t-shirt.

In the end it all worked out but Greg was not happy when he finally pulled up. He told me his story about what happened. The long wait. The inspections. The not knowing where I was. The dogs were fine which was a great relief. I told him my story. The waiting, the not knowing where he was and if he would find me. But we were fine and glad to be together again!

We decided to head to Todos Santos and stop somewhere for breakfast.

Originally we thought we would get in at 2 am and go camp at the beach till morning. But that didn’t happen. We found a great little restaurant and had a bite.

We finally made it to Todos Santos and to the casita. After unpacking a few things and getting the dogs settled, we layed down for a nap which felt oh, so good after the long, challenging ferry adventure! Sometimes a good nap makes everything okay. 🙂

Do you have any memories of a challenging time during travelling? Sometimes these make the best stories.



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