I was going to do a post about 2011 and my story about getting to where we are now in Prescott, AZ but then I decided nope, I’m going to start blogging about today, right now. Sorry the story is getting a skip in it since I haven’t been writing much lately. But just know that things are straightening themselves out and I’m getting back on track with my art.

First thing up, getting my art studio ready to work in.

The below photo shows where it started after I tore off the yucky wood walls. I have to tell you the previous owners had about 18 cats. And my studio was cat central so you can imagine the smell. The wood walls had to go! Luckily we got the cat smell to disappear! It had us worried for a while but luckily there are products one can buy that get rid of the odor for good. And it did.


I have a lot of stuff to put in this studio and it’s just waiting to get organized.

My studio is in the basement but the skylights bring in nice light! I like the big windows.


Today I finished plastering the walls. It came out pretty good. Next comes paint and some window sills and some shelving.

studio3Someday this room may get turned into a sunroom with lots of plants…but for now it’s my studio. This basement room is getting transformed into my art studio and I know I’m going to love it! I can’t wait to finish it so I can start working in it. I’ll show you more pics later.