We’ve spent the last few weeks packing up our house and getting ready to move to some temporary housing before we head to Prescott, Arizona.

We had a little going away party at our house to say “bye” to a few friends and celebrate being together one last time out on the back porch which is a great place for having a party!


It was a gorgeous day and a great get together!


And then it was time to get really serious about moving! I spent a whole day packing up all my art and studio!


Greg made a special holder on the side of the trailer to hold the tipi poles. He’ll be pulling a pretty long trailer when we move.


I’m grateful Greg organized us! He had the boxes we had been packing for weeks all ready to go when we started bringing over the Uhaul pods from UBox.



I was concerned because we were getting down to the 5th pod and we hadn’t gotten our two wicker chairs in yet! I love those chairs!


But I swear, Greg is a master at fitting things into just the right spaces and he got them in!


We were even able to pack the sun!


Phew! That was a huge job! So that’s what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t been posting much to my blog lately.

But we made it to our temporary spot on the Deschutes River Rim. We’re setting up our stuff here for the next chapter before we move to Prescott on Oct. 31st. I’ll share with you more about where we’re living and my temporary art studio in the next post. We’re sure diggin’ the view!!