I have a tipi art studio for 5 weeks

For the next 5 weeks, my art studio is a lovely tipi! It’s awesome! I feel like I’m on a painting retreat.

Many of you know that I own my own tipi so when I found out that the place where we are temporarily staying at had a tipi on the property, I was very happy! There’s just something about tipis that I love. Maybe it’s the cozy womb-like feeling inside a tipi. I knew it would make a great art studio for me.


It’s in an enchanted spot too – nestled in a mini canyon.


Surrounded by old, mossy juniper and lava rock.


It’s set on a playwood platform so it has a solid floor.


Every tipi needs a mascot and I chose the coyote. We can hear the coyotes at night howling in the desert.

Not long ago, my friend, Ingrid Lustig, sent me one of her coyote notecards so that is sitting on the table inside. I love Ingrid’s use of color! It inspires me!


I like to work on the floor so I’ve spread my paints out with a couple rugs and have set to work on creating some new work.


Here’s a small sample of what I’m working on. I’m loving that mossy green color!

art-in-tipiI’ll show you more in my next blog post.


Also, if you’re interest in where this tipi was made….Check out http://www.tipi.com It’s a company called Nomadics and they’re located between Bend and Sisters, Oregon. This is who made the one I own as well!

2 thoughts on “I have a tipi art studio for 5 weeks

  • September 29, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hi K,
    We’re staying on some acreage outside Bend on the Canyon Rim. It’s like another world out here. We hear the coyotes out in the desert yipping and howling. The dogs are getting used to the sound now as they don’t bark as much when they hear them. We do watch Belle and Cody pretty close and they like to stay near us so I’m hoping they won’t be messing with the coyotes.

  • September 29, 2011 at 1:44 am

    What a funny thing – tipis seem to be a little fated in your life. Interesting – your work seems more northeast to me in color and scape – and Ingrid’s is very, very southwest, very rock and desert. It will be interesting to see how your new landscape influences the work you do. Already, the mossy green –

    The southwest is very strong. I understand how the peculiar spiritual philosophies have come out of it. Do watch the dogs with the coyotes. We met a woman whose dog, kept in a wire-fenced yard, was teased by them all the time, “Come out to us, then, if you think you are so fierce.” But they tend to lead a dog out into the brush and then jump him as a pack. Or so she said. So watch the beloved dogs.


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