I wanted to share two raven paintings that I finished the other day.

I’ve been working on this raven series titled “Two Ravens Sit and Reflect” for awhile now and I finished two more paintings for it. I like the play on words that I use in the titles for these paintings.

The first one is titled “Two Ravens Sit and Reflect on the Waves.” Inspired from when we went to the beach the other day and watched the surfers watching the waves.TwoRavens-2The next one is titled “Two Ravens Reflect on the Sun.”  This one was heavily influenced by the sunny days here in Baja. It is wonderful to enjoy blue skies and sunshine here in Todos Santos.Talk of the weather is common because it is just so beautiful! I wanted to do something different with these black birds so I made their wings expanded with the idea that they mimic the rays of the sun which are expanding upwards as well.

TwoRavensBoth paintings are 6″ wide x 6.75″ tall, acrylic on paper.

Hope you are enjoying June.

~ Lindy