I love the Brave Girls Club email from today.

Heresthetruth(Header art by the Brave Girl’s Club)

Dear Lovely Girl,

Are you suffering from destination frustration? It’s quite amazing that we often really really really let ourselves believe that ‘someday’ we will get ‘there’. Someday we will have it all figured out, someday we will have the perfect day, or the perfect body, or the perfect year, or the perfect family, or the perfect marriage. And then we hold on to that belief and we wait and wait and wait for the happiness it will bring, and work and work and work for it, making us blind to all of the things that are gifts in the every day.

The fact is, we never really do get ‘there’ and have it stay ‘there’ for any length of time without the same amount of work that it took to get ‘there’. The journey just continues until the day we die. This is why it’s so important to understand that it’s all about the journey. It’s about using your best china every day, and saying the words in your heart every day, and treating every day like it might be the last day and not waiting any more.

Because really, the only destination that we truly have control over is our mindset. And that can happen NOW. So why wait? THIS IS YOUR LIFE. TODAY. RIGHT NOW.

Make the most of it. See that you already are someONE wonderful even though you might have been tricked into thinking that it’s all about being on the way to someWHERE wonderful. 

You are there because you are you.

And you are so loved.

And what is my “there” that I’m trying to get to?

My painting style. Lately I’ve been frustrated with what I’m doing in my work. I want it to be something different but I’m not sure what I want it to be and I’ve been fussing over getting there. But this Brave Girl’s Club email reminds me to relax and enjoy the journey right now. That the shift I’m feeling will happen when it happens and I shouldn’t push it or worry about it or think there is something better than what I’m doing right now. It reminds me to be happy and stop worrying about having the perfect painting.

I think this shift in style I’m after will happen over time whether I want it to or not. It just will. If my mindset is that I want a change in style then it will most likely happen…slowly….it will. Things like this can’t be forced.

But it will only happen if I’m in the studio painting!

I’ve been trying to spend more time doing just that and less time doing other things like being on the computer! Although I love my computer and I admit to being quite the computer nerd, it does suck the time away from my studio time.

I have a bunch of projects under way that I’ve been working on. One of them is the Place::Twelve exhibit painting.

The theme of the show is How Bend’s Past Inspires the Present. The exhibit will showcase the work of 13 juried artists, with me being one of them. Twelve of the artists select a historic photo of Bend from the archives of the Des Chutes Historical Museum and create a work of art inspired from the photo.

The photo I chose is of Klondike Kate.

Kate Rockwell aka Klondike Kate

Kate Rockwell aka Klondike Kate

She was a Bend resident who was involved in the community back in the early 1900’s. She lived in Bend for 30 years! She volunteered her time and efforts to the hospital and the local fire department. She helped purchase Bend’s first fire truck.

My painting is a conceptual piece. It’s not supposed to be just a painting of Klondike Kate. This photo is to be inspiration for a painting about how Bend’s Past Inspires the Present. I’m painting a work that shows how one person can set the chain in motion to inspire others. It’s about women who give of their time and effort to the community. How one person can inspire another. My painting is titled “Women in Rhythm.”

I started with some sketches and then I made a preliminary painting before I started the final version. My preliminary painting is one I became very frustrated with because of that “style” thing….I wanted it to be different…and it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted. Then I started another painting and this one flowed. This one was more like it. This one I was feeling that shift. I’ll show you some pics after I do the final touches on it . So stay tuned.

So what is your “there” that you’ve been trying to get to and can you relate to the Brave Girl’s Club email too?

Happy journey to you.