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Last week I found out I ‘ve been juried into PLACE::TWELVE, the first art show of City Walls at City Hall in Bend, Oregon. See

The City of Bend Arts, Beautification & Culture Commission created City Walls at City Hall to be a uniquely themed quarterly juried art show held at Bend City Hall and built around the overall theme of inspiring community with art.

I am feeling very honored to be included with this talented group of artists in this first show and I can’t wait to start painting for it!

The show’s theme is How Bend’s past inspires our present and future. The CIty of Bend website says “The exhibit will present the work of 13 juried artists. Twelve of the artists will select a historic photo of Bend from the archives of the Des Chutes Historical Museum [specifically from the publication, Images of America Bend] and create a work of art inspired from the photo.

A blow-up photo of the selected photograph will be exhibited along side the artwork. Both the artist’s work and photography print will be available for purchase. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the artist’s work will go to the artist. One hundred percent of the sale of the photo print will go to the non-profit Des Chutes Historical Museum.

And one artist (Vicki Shuck) was selected by the jury to create their artwork around the Bend 2030’s focus area aligned with the show theme, “A Strong Community”.

I’m looking forward to choosing the photograph I willl use to inspire my painting! I’ll post it once I know what it is.

In other news….

I’m also painting for two group shows I will be involved in at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery.

One show is titled “Animal Dreams” and it will be held in April. That painting is in progress and I’ll post some images later after it’s more underway.

The other is a May show with paintings inspired by the beautiful fine art photography of Bruce Jackson, whose work is mostly gorgeous Oregon landscapes.

Most of you know that I don’t usually paint traditional landscapes. My landscapes are what I call “mindscapes” because they come out of my imagination. You can see some of them on my website. So I find this particularly challenging and very fun to paint from one of Bruce’s landscape photos.

First I took his photograph and played with it in Photoshop to get some different color combinations to inspire me. Then I printed out his image and one with my color changes. These are what I’ve been looking at as I paint.

Bruce Jackson photo inspiration

I’m really liking the light greenish blue color for the plants.

Here’s a little sneak peek of my painting in progress. I’m painting on a wood panel. I’ll paint or stain the frame around the image once it’s done. Stay tuned, I’ll post more images later.

landscape painting

2 thoughts on “Some L. Gruger Art News to Share

  • March 14, 2011 at 10:03 am

    OOOO – I’m liking the scape – and I love the way you can take something and weave it with your own special textures and colors and details and come up with something vibrant and speaking.

    I’m SO PROUD that you were juried in. Only thirteen artists out of that hotbed of creativity in Bend and Sisters and all that area. Blown away – if I were there, first I’d pinch your cheek, then kiss it, then dance around howling (and you know I actually would).

    • March 14, 2011 at 9:41 pm

      You are too funny….you made me smile. Thanks for the supportive words, I really appreciate it. It’s always an honor to get juried into a show and I’m really looking forward to doing the painting for it!


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