"Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies" New Acrylic Painting

I made a print from my new painting. The painting is titled “Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies.”


On the print of this painting, I added these words:

May you be courageous in

spite of your fears and see that

as your life has changed course

you are surrounded with love.

May that light of love

illuminate darkened paths,

lighten your spirit and

help you to find your way.

Here’s the painting in my art studio. It is an acrylic on canvas that is 40″ tall x 30″ wide, the sides are painted black. The colors are very luminous from lots of layering.

This is the painting that started out being inspired from a rug that’s in our master bath. This painting came out completely different from what I intended. I was going to do a wall of petroglyphs between the trees but then lanterns and fireflies appeared and it turned another direction. Funny how things happen like that….sort of like Life.


I dedicate this painting and print to all those who are going through a tough time right now.




Wishing you peace and love to light your path.

– Lindy

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