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I came across a website called
There is a pdf one can get for free that is about 5 Ways to Rally Criosity, Delight & Dee[ Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.
in a nutshell # 2 was:
Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet
I had an ah ha moment when I read the words Curiousity Cabinet. That is exactly what I made one time but never had a word or title for it. I just alled it that old medicine cabinet filled with stuff! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love the my curiosity cabinet finally has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!
Here is a photo of it:

I came across a website called and there was a free download titled ” 5 Ways to Rally Curiosity, Delight & Deep Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.” Sounded fascinating to me, so I downloaded it!

In a nutshell # 2 was:     Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet

I had an “ah ha” moment when I read the words “curiousity cabinet.” I won’t go into what they meant by it because I was relating to the words in my own way.

“Curiousity cabinet” is exactly what I have hanging in my art studio! But I never had a word or title for it before. I just called it that “old medicine cabinet”! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love that my curiosity cabinet now has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!

I think it’s fun to see what people have in their art studios so here is my curiosity cabinet. Maybe it will inspire you to make one too.


I found this metal medicine cabinet when I lived in New York City back in the late 90’s. It was in a junk pile on the sidewalk. One cool thing about Manhattan is that you can find some pretty cool stuff left out on the street for the garbage collector. It was in pretty good condition with a mirror on the front. It was a bit rusty and needed a good coat of paint. So I took it off the heap and brought it home.

I covered it with blue paint and stamped it with black texture and painted yellow swirls on the sides.


I started filling it’s interior with photos, keepsakes, knick knacks, souvenirs and inspiringl items! It sure filled up fast. Here’s some photos of the individual shelves.

The top holds my handmade Christmas ornament that I call “Gift Giving Spirit Woman”. I made a bunch of these back in the early 90’s. On the right is my treasured “Fava Bean” pastel by New York artist Amelia Foster, and then there is some cool driftwood I picked up on beach combing excursions.


The next shelf holds my black and white animal collection started when I got the black ceramic pony made by my mom when she was little. I treasure that little guy. Now I have a rabbit, a couple little skunks and a panda to go with him.


Next shelf down holds my small buddha collection. That got started when I inherited some of them from my great aunt.


And then on the bottom shelf I have my blue dog postcard from when I went to the exhibit in NYC. Blue Dog is made by the artist George Rodrigue. And there is the little girl art who reminds me to “do art” that my friend made for me. And the painted yellow ceramic rabbit is one I made in an art therapy class along time ago and the glass paperweight is from my mom.


I love the inside of the front because of it’s eclectic collection of mementos.


Here’s some close ups. This is me, loving on a dog. When my parents took that photo I’m sure that’s when they knew I was going to be an animal lover.


A co-worker made this silly hand head cartoon.


There are ticket stubs from some of the exhibits I saw in NYC. And then I got this little flyer at a club that says “Now that you live in N.Y., start living like you’re in N.Y.” I like that one. And then there’s the cool magnet that a friend sent one time.


So that’s my curiousity cabinet. Now that you’ve seen mine, go make one of your own. If you do, I’d love to see it!


Have fun!

~ L.

3 thoughts on “See My Curiosity Cabinet

  • February 3, 2011 at 3:11 am

    How wonderful!
    I have many friends who tease me about my need to collect meaningful & interesting little things. And its true my house is a little cluttered. But I see beauty, potential and inspiration in so many different unexpected things. Now I’ve seen your curiosity cabinet I feel I’ve found a kindred spirit. I may have to create a curiosity cabinet of my own.

    Great to come across your blog & I’ve really enjoyed viewing your wonderful art.

    Kat 🙂

  • February 2, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Little girl, you HAVE seen mine. It’s my house. My whole house.

  • February 2, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    love that lindy — we picked one up at the swap shop and actually use it in the downstairs bathroom in our old house cuz there wasn’t one…but when weather clears for swap shopping a curiosity cabinet in the making will be on my to do list — thanks!


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