100 Blog Topics for Artists

This is a blog post of 100 Blog Topics for artists. It is for artists who are trying to come up with ideas for what to write about.


I’ve noticed I’m not blogging as much as I have been in the past and it’s partly because I’ve been having a hard time thinking up topics to blog about. So I thought maybe there are other artists having the same problem and could use some help with Blog Topic ideas.


There is so much more one can write about than ones latest art piece. Remember people are reading your blog because there is something about you and your art that inspires them. People want to know who you are and why you do what you do and what you’re about. Sharing photos with your writing is nice because most people are very visual and enjoy looking at images. It also breaks up your writing so it’s not so hard on the eyes when reading.

You should also have a strategy for blogging. This Copyblogger post will help you figure out your goals: 10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing.


Below are 100 things to blog about. I’m going to use some of these ideas myself.


So here goes:

1.  Share your latest painting and something you like about it or want others to know about.
2. The gallery where you show your art
3. What inspires you to create?
4. When did you know you were an artist?
5. Blog about how you price your work
6. What’s unique about your color palette?
7. Who are your art mentors?
8.  Who are your favorite artists?
9. Share art videos you’ve made
10. Share an art lesson

11.  Share an artist interview of an artist you admire
12. Blog about all the places your art is online
13. Where can one purchase your art?
14. What are your favorite art tools for making art?
15. What are your favorite museums and galleries?
16. Have you ever done an outdoor art show or planning to do one? What’s it like?
17. Your top favorite art and design websites or blogs
18. How do you unblock when creativity gets stuck?
19. Your favorite color and add lots of photos with that color
20. What’s your art studio like?

21. What classes or art workshops have you taken or like?
21.  When did you know you were an artist?
22.  Talk about mail art or tiny art
23. Share types of art you like, for example oil, pastel, collage, sumi painting, mixed media, functional art, eco-friendly art, raku pottery
24. Tell your artist story or artist journey
25. How do you cultivate creativity?
26. How do you know you’re on the right path?
27. Who is your favorite author?
28. What is your favorite art book or book in general?
29. What do you think of social media? Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
30. What do you think of online art galleries?

31. Do an art giveaway
32. Share your latest idea or dream.
33. How do you title your work? Is it important to title your work?
34. What is your favorite title of one of your pieces of art? How titles affect someone’s view of art or a certain painting
35. Share how nature inspires you
36. Share images of where you live or where your studio is located
37. What work are you most proud of?
38. How to hear your clearest voice in making your art
39. Art and Letters
40. How do you follow your intuition as an artist?

41. Blog about your pets that hang with you in the studio
42. Who are the greatest supporters of your art and how do you know them?
43. How does your family time, social life, etc. affect your art time in the studio?
44. When did you decide to start taking your art seriously?
45. Tell us about artists you liked as a kid, or someone you admired
46. Show us your work from your early childhood or when you emerged as an artist
47. Tell us about whether you have an artist community you belong to
48. How do you market your work?
49. What music do you listen to in the art studio?
50. Tell us what you are trying to improve on as an artist

51. Share the other artist’s work that you most admire
52. What’s your most important lesson you’ve learned?
53. What do you do when you’re not in the studio? How do you spend your free time?
54. Do you like to travel? Share photos relating to your art sightseeing tours
55. Share your sketch book
56. Blog about preliminary drawings or sketches you do before you start a painting
57. How do you create texture or depth in a painting?
58. What was the first art show you participated in and what did you show? Or a current art show.
59. Share Awards you’ve won in the past or recently
60. Share press articles. Who has featured your art online or written an article about you. Share it.

61. Do you collect art? Whose art do you collect?
62. What is the role of art in society?
63. Art and health and how they are related
64. Art therapy and it’s use. Have you done art therapy on yourself?
65. How has art inspired or helped you?
66. Do you like to experiment with different art media?
67. Artist support groups and how to form one.
68. What things do you have up in your art studio that inspires you?
69. Share art marketing tips.
70. Share how to frame your work.

71. Show how your work looks hanging in a clients home or on your wall or bookshelf
72. Blog about your art e-newsletter and how to sign up for it.
73. What and from who are some of the artist newsletter that you receive?
74. Time management. How do you spend your day or time?
75. What art projects or craft projects are you doing besides your main form of art making.
76. Share and define your art goals
77.  Trading art or bartering with art
78. Inform your collectors about sales. Share exhibits, galleries or stores that have your art for sale
79. Has your art been featured in a book, an article, on a product, in a film? Share it.
80. How do you work?  From a photo, a sketch, out of your imagination?

81. What are the top questions people ask me about my art
82. Do you make art prints? What kind, reproductions, giclees? How to buy, what type of paper do you use, is it archival? Why you’ll like it.
83. What advice do you have for other artists just starting out?
84. How does one become a collector of art? Where to start?
85. ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals
86.  Do you have any relatives that are artists? Who are they and how do they inspire you?
87. What is a diptych or triptych? Do you make them and how do you hang them on the wall, next to each other or staggered?
88.  Tell a funny story about your art
89. Garden art
90. Art schools, did you go to one, do you know some you could recommend, do you think they’re necessary?

91 Art Critiques, how to do one, how to get one, who to go to, how do you feel when someone critiques your work?
92. How do you finish a piece? Do you spray it with a coating, leave it plain?
93. How to care for art pieces.
94. Art trends you’ve notices or read about. What do you think of them?
95. Art competitions, have you been in some, or are submitting work too?
96. Share a poem, quote or saying that inspires you.
97. Donating art to charity, which piece and what is the charity?
98. What it’s like to part with a favorite piece and what piece you would never sell.
99. What impact do you hope to leave as an artist?
100. Spirituality and art


You choose which ones you would like to use and if you have some other ideas and topics an Artist could blog about, please share them in the comments!

Happy Blogging!



Here are some more topics to blog about:
101. Explain how to decorate with different types of art and color
102. How does art affect your mood. Color Therapy.
103. How does someone who wants to buy your art go about it? Do you have any special things going on for your collectors? For example, a free print with buying an original painting
104. More photos of you painting in the studio
105. Explain the benefits of having art in someones living space or work space
106. Tell us about the goals you accomplished this month
107. Show an example of what salon style of showing art looks like
108. Tell us about what is on your “to do” list
109. Create a gift guide and share it
110. Do a small painting a day and share it on your blog
111. Write about three things unique to your day
112. Write about 5 things you are grateful for
113. Art in everyday life that you see around you – like the bark on trees, or the way the moss grows on a rock
114. Share a video you made
115. Collections – I collect feathers, what do you collect?

4 thoughts on “100 Blog Topics for Artists

  • September 15, 2017 at 9:25 am

    This is a much needed post. This offers plenty of variety and inspiration for art and for the blog about art. I have just been sharing the inspiration behind every work of art I complete, and this is usually brief, and not helpful to others. I feel a blog should be something that is also helpful to others, and this blog is not only helpful to bloggers, but it offers inspiration and guidance for life itself, and for the life of an artist. Thank you for sharing. I have placed this on my favorites.

  • February 28, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Yep I’m an artist and I have a blog… therefore I need topics to blog about! 🙂
    Thanks, these are good ideas.

  • February 28, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Or just art in sink cleaning (you can see wonderful, transient shapes in Comet water), or in child-companionship, or in the lines you leave behind you in the air when you drive, or the arcs you describe with your hands as you dance from room to room –


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