Last year I did a post about my 2009 Life and Art in Review so I thought I’d do one for 2010. This is where I pair some of my art with some photos from 2010. I made 12 images, one for each month and then 3 at the end to wish you a Happy New Year!

In January of 2010, I began painting what I call “Mindscapes” from my Metaphysical Landscape series. I also had an art show at the Lodge at Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon. I did an artists talk to their Art Guild about my Artist’s Journey and that inspired me to start writing a 5 part series on my blog about my Artist’s Journey. It was fun to go back through my old journals and sketch books to gather images and read about what I was going through. It brought back a lot of memories and I felt very grateful for all that I’ve accomplished.  The Black Butte Ranch aspen trees inspired my whimsical Peace Tree paintings as well!


February found Greg and I building raised beds to make a veggie garden. We started building the beds using lava rock from around our property. My paintings reflected peace and love in my garden series. I was dreaming of warmer weather!


March 1, 2010 brought my first online art Giveaway which was a great success and very fun. I also did a blog post about 100 things about me which is an interesting exercise in self awaremess. But this was all over shadowed by the news that my Mother suffered a massive stroke while visiting San Francisco with a friend and died on Marth 24th. This was very unexpected and greatly saddened me! I spent a number of weeks in Seattle with my family and we had a memorial service where I was able to meet many of my Mom’s closest friends and reconnect with family.


Audrey Gruger May 17, 1930-March 24, 2010

In April, I got back into the studio to paint. At the end of that month, Greg and I packed and left on our road trip to Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico. I knew it would be a good getaway and Baja would be a healing spot for me. I sure missed my Mom! I started painting my aspen tree series and  took lots of photos of my paintings which I ended up making into a video.


In May I continued with painting and we also continued our work remodeling our casita and my art studio above the garage. We walled in the studio and put in French Doors. It came out really cool and I can’t wait to go back there this Spring and paint.


June arrived and we were still in Baja. I painted some old recycled washing machine drums and made them into planter boxes which was really fun. I painted some art for the Fur Ball which is a long time Todos Santos favorite which raises money for spaying and nuetrering cats and dogs in Todos Santos and Pescadero. Then toward the end of the month one of my best friends flew down to Todos Santos and drove back up the Baja with us to San Diego where she flew home to Seattle.

There are so many San Diego entertainment and cultural events that you can attend when visiting this Southern Californian city.

On our camping trip on the Sea of Cortez at Playa Escondida, Greg and I got engaged!


July found us back in Bend, Oregon. The grass in the yard had grown tall! We had planted our veggie garden before we left and friends watched over it while we were gone. We loved seeing all the plants spilling over the raised beds when we got home! Soon we were getting ready for a family reunion. One of the evenings of this 3 day event was at our house for a BBQ with 47 relatives! Fun!


August flew by! We did some camping and hiking. I painted a bunch. I was interviewed at We gardened and took great joy in growing our own food! Greg built a greenhouse over one of the raised beds.


In September we went on Bend’s first annual Backyard Farm Tour and got lots of ideas for our garden! We hope to be on the tour this year too. I created my inspirational card decks, pairing my art with positive affirmations. I was painting, framing paintings and preparing for my show at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in October.


October was a great month for my show at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in Bend. It featured my whimsical aspen paintings which I call “Magical Woodlands”. Then Greg and I left on a 3 week road trip through the Southwest. We camped out, did lots of sightseeing, rode bikes in Moab, explored new areas, looked at art in Santa Fe and Taos, met some new friends, and enjoyed hot springs a long the way. All in all it was a blast! But it’s always good to be home. We celebrated Halloween at the neighbor’s Halloween party. It’s always fun to dress up.


In November I painted mini paintings for my online sale and more Peace Trees paintings. Greg started putting together a pottery studio. We got really excited about finding some great deals on a pottery wheel and 2 kilns, one electric and one for raku. I started making plans to dabble in ceramics. We stayed home for Thanksgiving because of the snow and ended up going to a nice restaurant for dinner. That’s probably only the second time in my life that I have done that for Thanksgiving. I started gearing up for the holidays and painted Christmas ornaments for the Tumalo Art Co. gallery’s small gifts tree.


December brought snow and lots of it! It was so pretty! It felt strange to celebrate the holidays without my parents. It’s the first Christmas without them both being there. I started calling the Trees in my Magical Woodlands series “Peace Trees”. I signed up for the SmARTist Telesummit and looked forward to learning new things in January to help my art career!


And there you have it! 12 months of life and art!

And now here we are in 2011!

May everything you hope for, work toward and dream about be your reality for 2011. My wish for you is


to spread your wings,hatchyourplan

hatch your plan,
bethedreamand be the dream you wish for yourself!

Happy New Year!

Love and peace,