Christmas2010LindyandGregI just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Greg and I are spending Christmas with family who are here in the area. We’re looking forward to visiting with them and being wrapped in the warmth of their company and enjoying our family celebrations.

We also want to extend our gratitude and love to all of our friends and family, and folks who have supported my art and my online friends who comment on my blog and follow my tweets on Twitter and “like” my art on Facebook…all those people out there in the world! We send you smiles and hope you have a holiday filled with peace and joy and hope your New Year finds you healthy and happy. We hope your 2011 is brimming with fulfilled dreams and goals which take you to where you want to go! That you can be who you are and keep growing with courage and great bountiful blessings of energy and enjoyment of life!

We’ve been talking about our next travel adventures for 2011 and I hope to take you on some of these fabulous experiences through this blog next year.

Greg has put together a way cool pottery studio so I am hoping to learn some of his craft in 2011. I think my art on pottery will be a very fun thing to try. Remember one of my wishes from my list of “100 things about me”?  One of them was number 12, “I dream of living by the sea and being a painter AND a potter when I’m old.” Watch out for what you wish for is what they say….so maybe this will be the year for dabbling in a new art form for me. I love that new paths are opening up for me on my artist’s journey.

Peace to you,

~ Lindy