We toured the Earthship homes on our way to Santa Fe. Earthships are off the grid homes which are built with recycled materials using earth filled tires, bottles and cans. We found them fascinating so we visited a community center where you can learn about how they’re made. Visit http://www.earthship.com for more info on them.

earthship5There was a fully sustainable Earthship home being built nearby that we toured. I liked the arches and the use of bottles to make a stained glass effect.



There is a surrounding Earthship neighborhood called the Greater World Earthship Community which one can see from a distance from the community center but you can’t tour it which is understandable.


Many Earthships are built into the ground. The way the home interacts with the sun and the earth maintains a stable, comfortable temperature. Their website says, “The outer few feet of the earth heats up and cools off in response to surface weather. However, deeper in the earth, about four feet and beyond, the temperature is more constant (around 58 degrees). Here, the earth can be used to both cool and stabilize temperature if the home is appropriately designed.”

I love this idea of using recycled materials and living off the grid. I don’t know if I could do it but I admire those who do. What do you think of these homes?


We stayed in Santa Fe for a few days and toured the Plaza and Canyon Road which is lined with art galleries. So many galleries! So little time!


I don’t think we even saw half the galleries on Canyon Road. There were so many! We saw a lot of art…really lovely paintings and sculptures!canyonrd

I took notes on things I liked. I really liked this folk artist and his studio below.


We went out to lunch (here we are, pretty happy with our coffee and dessert).

We came across this beautiful mosaic on a wall outside the restaurant. I love this one with all its color. It was made and designed by students which is pretty impressive.

I went to the Georgia O’keefe museum and was taken by her art and story. I admired her independence and drive to make art! I wanted to see the area where she lived at Ghost Ranch outside Santa Fe. So we headed toward  O’keefe country and Heron Lake where we hoped to put in our kayaks and do more camping.


We’d been carrying these kayaks on the truck the whole trip and were beginning to wonder if we’d ever get to put them in water!

OkeefeCountryYou’ll see with more pics to come in my next post.