Never doubt the impossible. Halleluja! I found our lost photos on our new camera! They’re some of my fav pics from our trip so when I thought they were deleted I was pretty bummed. They’re from when we visited Kristen in Provo on our recent road trip.

See my previous blog post about losing the photos. There was a folder on our camera called private1 and that’s where they were hidden. How I found them is a miracle. Truly. I really don’t know how I did find them but yesterday they appeared and man, was I surprised! I thought I would never get to see them again. So I’m pretty happy.

We braved  blinding rain and stormy skies to get to Provo when we hit Utah on our road trip to meet fellow blogger and writer Kristen Randle and her family.


And it was worth every minute because when we got to where Kristen lives, the sun was out and it was beautiful sky! We met some of her fabulous family and she took us down to the barn to meet her boys.

LindyandKristenBoys meaning her horses! And it was Greg’s birthday and he loves horses and riding. So it made his day when Kristen asked him if he wanted to go for a ride.

Kristen showed us the barn and arena and introduced us to her horses.


Greg loves horses and riding so it was fun to see him doing what he loves.

GregonhorseSmiles all around.

I think the horses were pretty happy too. Is that a horse smile below?


We visited with Kristen and the horses till it started to get dark. It was lots of fun. Thank you Kristen!!

To continue the photo journal of our Southwest adventure…I left off when we were headed to Gregg’s Hideout at Lake Mead after Mesa Verde.

GreggsHideoutRdGregg’s Hideout is down an 18 mile dirt road which we got drive in the dark because we spent most of the day crossing Arizona.


It took us all day…driving and driving. It’s pretty uneventful driving and not much to see but miles of desert and big sky.


But we finally got to Gregg’s Hideout on Lake Mead. Of course, my Greg loved the name and chose it for that very reason.


We got there in the dark but found an awesome camp spot.

night camping

and made a pretty nice campfire. I love camping and having a campfire and then watching the stars on a clear night.


It was perfect. Beautiful weather and a whole lot of doing not much.

I painted some during the day. And a few of my tiny paintings from the trip are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I made shell designs in the sand. That’s always fun.


We took a little hike and set up the self timer. It was a windy day on the mountain.


Greg decided to take a big hike with Cody, our dog. I stayed back at the tent with our other dog Belle, and made art.

Greg hiked up to the bright spot on this mountain. To the very, very top.


He shared with me the photos when he got back.


There were some awesome views!

Lake Mead

Lots of cool cactus too.


Can you imagine camping up there? Someone did and left their firepit.


I was glad when I could see Greg and Cody on the side of the mountain. I get a little worried when Greg hikes by himself. He could see our tent where he was too. Except when he got to the very, very top.


Then he could see in all directions.


Part of me wished I had made the hike too. So I could see the views.

But then again….

I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed walking along these ridges.


So you can say I’m adventurous. But not as adventurous as Greg.

So what about you? Would you have taken a hike like this?


After Gregg’s Hideout we bee-lined to Oregon. We couldn’t wait to get home.


We camped out one more night and hit some snow as we neared Bend.


Finally we were home! I love coming home when you’ve been gone awhile.

Happy sunsets and pink skies to you!


I’ll share with you my hand painted Christmas ornaments and some new paintings in my next post.