Here are some more photos from our 3 week road trip to the Southwest in October. After we went to Santa Fe and Taos we headed to Heron Lake to get our kayaks in the water.


Heron Lake is a beautiful lake in the desert in Northern New Mexico. There are some remote camp spots along the edge. So we headed in that direction. We each had a dog on the back of our kayaks. The dogs sit on a piece of carpet that is attached to the kayak and they’re trained to sit still and not rock the boat! Greg had Belle on the back and I had Cody.


But not long after we got on the water, the wind started to pick up. It got pretty gusty and rolling dark clouds were headed our way! We knew rain was coming! So we got to our camp spot quickly and Greg rigged up the tarp. It kept us dry when it rained overnight. It was a great camp spot though and we had a nice campfire! The next day, the dogs were able to run and play and get in the water.


But in the morning the ground had turned to mud. It got on everything! An inch of mud would instantly stick to the bottoms of our shoes. It was pretty yucky and messy so we decided to head back to the truck and hit the road. Destination, Mesa Verde.


Once you turn into the Mesa Verde Park there is atleast a 45 minute drive on a winding road to get to the museum and where you can see the cliff dewellings and take a tour. We didn’t get to see much view from the road though cause of the fog. But finally we broke out of the clouds and there it was!mesaverderoad

Cliff dwellings.


They were awesome.


It’s one thing to see it in photos but when you’re actually there seeing it live and in person, you really get a feel for what if must have been like to live in these stone houses under the eave of the rock mountain.

mesaverde6We had fun exploring on our own too.


They’ve found over 600 sites in the park where ancient people have lived. We visited the museum.


There are lots of trails and places to explore. We only went to two sites though and I really recommend going and spending a chunk of time there. I wish we had and that the weather would have been nicer. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip seeing these cliff dwellings. I really enjoyed it!



When we were done seeing Mesa Verde, we decided we wanted to head to some sunshine for the remainder of our time. We wanted to find a place to chill out and relax. So we looked online and found there was rain and 50 degrees in just about all areas of the Southwest except Lake Mead in Nevada. So that is where we headed. To a place called “Gregg’s Hideout”. My Greg found it online but it mean driving all the way across Arizona, in one day!

We had to drive and drive.


We stopped for a break at the 4 corners.


And then we drove some more!


When we finally got to Lake Mead it was dark! We had to drive 18 miles down a dirt road but we were up for an adventure and we finally made it. We found a great little camp spot out on a spit and in the morning we got to get up and look at our surroundings which we couldn’t see much of in the dark when we arrived. Below you can see our tent. It was beautiful weather and just what we were look for! Peace and quiet and sunshine!


More about Gregg’s Hideout in my next post.

Be well,