We’re a bit sorry we didn’t take Kristen’s advice and travel south east along Colorado’s lower half to travel across Colorado. She told us it was a beautiful route. And we would find this out on our way back. But going, we didn’t do it, instead we decided to take the Central route.

But first we stopped in Telluride to check out this quaint mountain town before we headed East.


We grabbed a coffee and walked around, checking out the sights.


I loved this cute sign, Fly Me To The Moon Saloon.


And the colorful buildings.


And the cute benches made of skies.


We would have taken the tram up the mountain but we were anxious to get travelling.


So we just admired it from afar and soon we were back on the road.


Admiring more beautiful color.


The scenery was breathtaking near Ridgway, just north of Telluride.


We really liked Ridgway which was another cute mt. town. I don’t have any photos of it but we stopped there for lunch and did sone browsing in the shops.


I love this lake and sky shot below that we travelled by.


It seemed it started getting dark fast. Probably because of the time change. So we found an interesting place to camp up a dirt road. We travelled through a deserted mining town which was very eery. Deserted for the season anyway.


But in the morning, we got to see the lovely aspens along this dirt road.


I got some good shots for inspiration for my aspen paintings.


I’m really fascinated by the patterns of the bark. This one looked like a face to me.


It was really a beautiful stand of trees!


On we went. And then this is where we thought, hmmm, maybe we should have taken the Southern route.


Wasn’t it beautiful, sunny weather, just yesterday? Why didn’t we stay south?


But we stopped for some yummy tamales and that made it all better!


We figured we might hit some snow along the way. And we sure did.

Next stop, Manitou Springs, CO.


Home of Pike’s Peak and the most charming town ever.

Yes, it rained. But we sure enjoyed visiting this cute town.


We walked around, exploring. Visited the local artist’s co-op gallery.
Hooked up to the internet at a cozy restaurant. Visited a nifty arcade.


There were lots of machines from the early days that were cool to see.


Next we checked out Colorado Springs and then we were headed to New Mexico. Check back for more about our Southwest journey. Tomorrow’s post will show some of my fav parts of the trip.

Bye for now.

~ L ~