I love reading about other artists and learning about their process and what makes them create the things they do. What inspires an artist to create and why they choose their medium are some of the things I’m interested in.

I also like doing artist interviews when someone asks me for one.

Recently I was interviewed by Anne Marie at whopple.com

Anne Marie has devoted her website to featuring artist interviews. She says” Whopple is the place to highlight artists, their art, their inspiration, and their lives.” She is volunteering her time to help promote artists and I’m honored to be included on her website.

Click on the link  below to go to the interview. I’m listed under the Whimsical Art Category.


Artist Interview with Lindy Gruger Hanson
Whopple.com – Artist Interviews

And don’t forget to explore whopple.com and read the other interviews. There are many categories of art that you can choose from on the right side of the website.