Granted, it is has been gorgeous sunny weather since we’ve been in Baja. Just beautiful! But not every weekend is about the sun for us. One of the things we do while we’re down here in Baja is work on our little casita. We did a lot last year for sure but there is lots more we’d like to do.

This past weekend I tore out the tile on the kitchen counter tops that we’re going to replace with either smooth dyed concrete called pulido or some kind of smooth tile.

counter1I had installed these grooved tiles on the counter in 2003. Little did I know I would be tearing them out 7 years later. Back then it was my very first tile job. We used tiles we had on hand and it turns out they were the worst! So hard to clean with all the grooves in them. They drive me crazy! Anyway, it was a tough job chipping them out but I did it. I finished one side of the counter.


I’ll save the other side to do for another weekend. I’ll show you the end result with the new counters in a later blog post.

We’re loving having bananas to eat. We’re trying to space it out so they don’t all ripen at once. We have about 6 bunches in the trees. So far we’ve taken one bunch off the trees and hung them under the porch to ripen.


They are so tasty! Small but sweet.


We have lots more after these are eaten. We have a little corn growing too but I don’t know if we’ll be here long enough to eat it. We do have a basil plant that has grown huge and we’ve been snipping at it and adding it to fish and pasta dishes and to tuna sandwiches. I love growing our own food!


We also have the most unusual flies here. I call them fly-bees. The color is amazing on them! Iridescent turquoise! I love this shot with purpley lavender and green with the turquoise.


I have been painting lots too! I’m still doing birch trees and enjoying painting them so much! I was thinking about what it would be like to have something hanging in the trees so one of the trees is wearing a jeweled necklace.


Our neighbors across the way had some prayer flags hanging off their deck so I’m putting some prayer flags in one of the tree paintings too. Not sure if I like that one but I’ll keep working on it and see what happens. I took the below photo early this morning when there were still long shadows. I love that time of day in the early morning and just before the sun sets when long shadows come out.


And this is our dog Cody. His favorite thing to do is lay under the stairs in his “dog cave” and stay cool. This is him sitting just outside his cave. He came out to say hi. We think he’s awfully cute with one ear up and one ear down.


Today I’m working on my paintings so I’ll see you later.

hummingbird~~~ Enjoy your day! ~~~