This computer can be so distracting at times. I’m sure many of you who are online will agree that it can suck up the time. So I’ve decided to unplug from my computer till Thursday morning.

Oh, the idea of it. Unplugging. What words come to mind? Liberty. Freedom. Flexibility. Disengagement. Unrestrained time for art. Enjoying free rein. Creativity. Managing time more wisely. Opportunity. How nice.

My friend, artist Amy Komar did this and unplugged for three days. When I read she was going to do that, I thought to myself, I should do that too. I thought it sounded like a great idea. I was inspired! So I’m doing it.


I’m going to the studio. I’m going to paint without the distraction of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, my Website, Etsy, etc. I’m going to soak up my surroundings, relish in my creativity under the palapa of my outdoor studio, feel the cool breeze on my face, concentrate on my art, maybe listen to some music and see what I can bring forth onto the 6 white boards I’ve primed and have ready to go.

I’ll be back next Thursday to share with you my new paintings and tell you how it went.

Okay, I’ll probably check email during that time, but that’s it!

Wish me creative abundance!

So have you unplugged recently? How did it go?