I woke up today with anticipation…

because today….

is the day….

to pick the winner

for my

Whimsical Bird Art Giveaway!

Singing a Fiesta Song

Singing a Fiesta Song

So I wrote all the names out on two sheets of paper. There were a lot of names with 76 comments! (The blog post says 77 but I wrote a comment too… so minus one = 76!)

Yay! Thank you to all who entered my Whimsical Bird Art Giveaway!

It’s the first giveaway that I’ve hosted myself and I know I’ll do another one at some point because it was so much fun to meet new folks and I loved seeing what items people fav’d from my Etsy Shop.

So what is the best way to pick the winner?  I used a random number generator at http://www.random.org/ Everyone had a number attached to their name/entries on my sheets of paper.

And then I chose the number 47.

random numberAnd the winner is:

Michelle Shopped


Visit her blog, One Woman’s Search for Meaning at  Michelle Shopped where she writes, “When my Molly was about 8 she used to think a favorite musician’s name was Michelle Shopped.”  🙂

Thanks again to all who entered!

♡ & ☮