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Ya know how there are some people who you just relate to? You hear something they say or read something they wrote and you just feel a certain kinship with them? That’s how I felt when I first read Amy’s blog.

Amy Komar is a Fairbanks, Alaska artist who I met last year online. Don’t ask me how I found her blog. But I did, I found myself there and spending a lot of time reading. I absolutely loved reading it.  AND I loved looking at all the cool paintings on her website! I was very inspired! You can see more of her original acrylic paintings at if you just can’t wait to see more!

I was very lucky to be able to trade an art print with her. I chose Dillan’s Moon which for me, having a love of the moon, was inspiring and magical. It is a beautiful print with gorgeous blues and it has a luminous quality and dots on the branches look like frosty magic.

To me, all of her paintings radiate magic. I am charmed by them! Read the interview and what inspires this talented lady below.

Amy Komar
Amy Komar

1. What is creativity to you?

Creativity, to me, is a delicious space to be in. It is quiet and still. It is the act of stepping outside myself and acknowledging something bigger moving through me. It is following inspired thought and being free of inner critics. It is when I feel most authentic.


2. Why do you make art?

Throughout my life some unseen force has consistently nudged me to create. It drives me. A line keeps popping into my head to answer this question with. I read it when I was much younger and cannot properly cite where I found it. Here goes anyways – “ I make art because any other life would be a lie.”

3. What drives you to come up with ideas for your work, what are your sources of inspiration?

The daily! I believe that as artists we are always working…always seeing with artist eyes. It could be a bending birch tree seen when I am walking my dogs, a play of moonlight on roof tops, colors seen in the produce isle of a grocery store, a well written poem, the smallest details in nature…inspiration is endless.

4. When you’re preparing to do a painting, what is your process like? Do you start with a sketch, a layout, or do you just see what happens?

Quite often I just begin. I start by wetting the surface and washing in thin layers of paint. I turn the inner critic off and trust that the paint will guide me. My best work is when I look down, hours later, surprised and delighted by the shapes and colors on the board. I know then, that I have gotten out of my own way and allowed something larger to work through me. It is intuitive and based in alignment.


5. Do you feel like your painting is integrated with the rest of your life?

Yes. I am always seeing with my artist eyes. When I get that far off look, it is usually because colors, shapes, textures and details are flashing through my brain!

6. Describe what “Art Success” looks like to you.

When someone I have never met sends me an email or stops me at a gallery show and tells me how they were moved by one of my paintings. When a new blog is posted, a grant is applied for and wet paint is on a once white board!


7. What’s your current or next art project?

I am sort of doing a juggling act right now! I am putting the finishing touches on an exhibit I created for True World Gallery in California. The show opens at the beginning of March. I am also revving up to return my focus to a project that began 9/09 called Alchemy of Connection. It is where people send me a list of ( 9 ) of their daily joys and I use their list as the inspiration for a painting. It is a series that explores the connectedness of all things.

8. Are you showing anywhere now or in the near future?

I always have work up at The Alaska House Art Gallery here in Fairbanks. In March, my exhibit opens at True World Gallery.

I decided that after my show in California I am going to take a year long break from showing in galleries. I want to focus more on my website, blog and other personal creative ventures that are brewing!


9. What words of wisdom would you share with people pioneering a path to live an authentic life following their passion?

Get clear about what your best life looks like. Hold that vision in your minds eye. Spend time each day expanding and nuturing your vision. Don’t listen to naysayers. Believe and trust that everything is unfolding in perfect timing. Keep moving forward. Do something everyday – big or small – that reflects back to you how you are following your heart/passion.


10. Anything else you want people to know about you?

I collect good words/quotes. I currently have three rotating notebooks that I use to write down all of my ideas. I believe in synchronicity. I love it when I catch repeating numbers during the day (ex: 2:22 on the clock, 444 on a license plate). I love to cook and bake and am a connoisseur of ‘cozy.’ I like to live life like I am on vacation. I don’t watch TV. I once won a contest and was given the title “ Miss Congeniality.” I have driven the Alaska Highway 3 times. I like it when people ask good questions. I think reading in bed is decadent.

Thank you Lindy for interviewing me! You ask good questions…

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2 thoughts on “Artist Interview: Amy Komar

  • January 11, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    I think you chose well. She has an interesting style and that print is the one I would have chosen, also. Which means, I guess, that I think I would have chosen well, too. Cool to see how differently artists process the world around them.

  • January 11, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    so enjoying both of you and your art — and that word synchronicity? used in my blog post today…hmmmm


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