I do love to travel! But since my purse strings are tight right now, I decided to join Postcrossing.com This is a website where you send and recieve postcards from all over the world! And a great way to discover new places to travel! I find it very inspiring. It’s fun to see the stamps and images from the cards and getting a hand written message from someone.

I also love getting mail. Real mail that you get in the mailbox. It is like getting a little gift when you get a letter from someone. Somebody took the time to address it and write a note. It’s special! So I get little gifts of messages from people all over the world…people sending me a postcard! How fun is that?

I also like to make original Art postcards occasionally and love to send them out into the world that way. On one’s Postcrossing profile you can specify what kinds of postcards you’d like to receive. There are a lot of people collecting different kinds of cards, for example, cityscapes, animals, humorous, art, etc.

My first postcard received was from Finland

FInland postcard of witchThen Portugal.

Portugal ObidosRussia next.

Russia Heart Postcard

And then Brasil.Brasil Tucano Postcard

All the postcards I received have a little note written on them, either about themselves or their homeland. On Postcrossing you can track your postcards travel time and where they came from  and where they’re going to. There’s a map showing how the postcards travel and it updates itself automatically. It’s fun to watch. It’s a pretty neat system.

I hadn’t thought of traveling to Portugal before. But in reading about it, it looks like an interesting country. What are some of your favorite travel spots? Anybody have some recommendations?

I’m looking forward to receiving more postcards and  wondering where they will come from next!