On Sunday we went on an excursion to get our Christmas Tree. We packed our lunch with yummy tuna salad sandwiches, some easy to peel satsumas and hot spicy chai tea. We got our snow gear together and loaded the doggies and off we went. Happy the 4 wheel drive got fixed on the truck cause it was pretty snowy where we were headed. First stop, the Vistor’s Bureau located down at the Old Mill District to pick up a Forest Service permit. We like to travel over to a place near Sisters, Oregon to get our Tree. It was snowing and felt very festive with the snow drifts and light flakes. IT WAS FREEZING COLD though so glad we dressed warm!!

Lindy with TreeMe with the doggies.

We found a really cool tree. It was one that had grown out of someone’s previous chop. So it had lots of branches shooting straight up that looked like mini trees themselves. So from a distance the one tree looked like a small grove of trees. We called it the “family tree” cause it looked like multiple trees.

greg with treeG. made the big chop.

snow dogs

good snow dogs.

Family Tree photo

Happy family.