Colorful Bookmarks made from Mini Paintings

Lately there’s a couple things I’ve been collecting from my travels and one of them is bookmarks. I love having different bookmarks from places I’ve been. I have bookmarks from Italy and Baja that I especially enjoy using. And I do love art bookmarks that feature the work of artists I admire. So on that note, I decided to make some of my own bookmarks featuring the artwork of some of my mini paintings.

Dream Garden Bookmark
Dream Garden Bookmark

I used my large format printer to print out the images on heavy weight fine art paper. I put 2 coats of acrylic satin varnish on them which makes the colors really vibrant and the surface super smooth. So far I’ve made three different bookmarks. The first one I call my Garden Dream Series and it features 3 abstract flower paintings. I decided to attach them to a 5″ x 7″ card with clear plastic corners and put them in a cello sleeve so someone could use it as a gift. I was going to put an envelope in with them but decided against it. But one could mail it in an envelope and write on the back of the 5″ x 7″ card.

Jeweled Sky Bookmark
The next set I made are images from my Jeweled Sky mini paintings. So I call it the Jeweled Sky Series Bookmarks.

The back of the bookmark has some hand printed type at the bottom of it that says the date and my website URL. I don’t want folks to forget where it came from. The back of the 5″ x 7″ card has some small handprinted type at the bottom of the card as well that reads “Hand Made by Lindy Gruger Hanson” “Bend, Oregon” ”” I always like when things say the date and where they came from. I have a few things I’ve picked up in my travels that say that. I have a Santa Christmas Ornament from Hawaii with the date on it. It reminds me of that trip every time I hang it on the tree and I smile inside remembering how silly it seemed to be buying a Christmas Ornament in Hawaii when it was near 90 degrees.

Holiday Bookmark

Then I made a Holiday bookmark that features my “Angel Guide The Way” painting, my “Fly with Joy” and “I Love The Seasons” images. I think they would make great stocking stuffers! I might make a more masculine bookmark so I can give them to my nephews …oooo, I hope they’re not reading this 😉  My best friend might like one but she’ll probably stick it on the fridge for decoration…hmmm, that’s an idea, I might put one on my fridge just for fun to decorate it… and then my sister who reads a lot might like one and then there’s my Mom who enjoys reading and uses bookmarks…maybe you know someone too who might like one? Find them at my Etsy Shop at Enjoy!

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