Artists with a Whimsical Style of Painting on New Website

Calling all artists with a whimsical style of painting and those who love to collect and view colorful, whimsical art! We need you, the artist, on our website at and we need you, the collector and art enthusiast, to stop by, browse and partake in the beauty that these fine artists are creating! As the website says, it is “a collection of fine artists who are making their art accessible to enthusiasts and collectors with a love of colorful, whimsical fine art.”

How does it work? The website will have links to each of the artists websites where you can view the artists work and contact them for art purchases. As you know, I paint in a whimsical style and for me, it has been hard to find other artists who also have a whimsical style of painting. I’m not only a painter but I’m an art collector as well and I like to collect this type of art but it is hard to find. So I decided to create a website that features whimsical art so others don’t have to have as hard a time as I did in finding them.

So far the website has 4 artists but check back because the website will be adding more artists soon. We are selective and the artists will be those that we feel are a good fit.

The website by Jeanne Williamson titled which features small, affordable art pieces, helped inspire our website! We have linked to their site and also a site titled The Fine Art Department which is another website that features artists all in one spot.

I know our whimsical paintings website will fill up with artists soon! If you’re reading this, please retweet and also spread the word via your other social networks! Thanks!

One thought on “Artists with a Whimsical Style of Painting on New Website

  • December 11, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Awesome affair, I did not thought reading this would be so stunning when I saw your title with link.


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