When was the last time you painted rocks? It always reminds me of my childhood. We had a family beach cabin and in the summer time once in awhile we would collect beach rocks and sit and wile away the afternoon painting rocks. I always remember it as being fun! So that is what I did yesterday. Paint rocks. When they’re finished, I’m going to put them in what we are calling the “circle garden”. See below.

This is an old cement container that people would throw garbage in and burn. It sits right off the road in front of our property. But since we put a palapa roof right above it on the garage, we don’t want anyone burning because it could catch the palapa on fire. So we decided to turn it from an eye sore into something pretty! A garden. We put a few desert plants that don’t need much water in it. And I’m going to paint the sides soon with something colorful. Hopefully it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood as people drive by.