“She Sang a Garden Lullaby
to Moonbaby”

14″ x 11″
Acrylic on Paper

I finished my first Moonheadmama painting this afternoon. #1 in the series. I’ve always loved the title Moonheadmama and I’ve had a web site by that name for about 5 years. It was here in Todos Santos over a couple margaritas and some creative brainstorming that the name Moonheadmama was born. But since then I haven’t done a lot with the Moonheadmama.com web site so recently I decided to use it to showcase Moonheadmama paintings! I will also be putting these new paintings on ebay and auctioning them off to the highest bidder. 20% of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Acres of Hope. Acres of Hope is a long term housing program for homeless women with children. I also made a video on the making of the first Moonheadmama painting and I’ll be putting it on my Youtube channel soon!

I’m positive this series of paintings will evolve as I continue to paint them. I enjoyed it immensely because I pretty much let this painting create itself. I like the title too which is always a big part of my paintings. “She Sang a Garden Lullably to Moonbaby”…I think it’s sweet. The Moonheadmama series will celebrate love, hope, joy, peacefulness and the ties between mother and child.