A Day in the Art Studio

Thought I would show you what I worked on yesterday in the art studio.

First of all, let me introduce Belle, my trusty art studio companion. She’s a very sweet border collie and loves hanging out wherever I’m hanging out. You can see she wasn’t too interested in getting my attention. She’s happy just being nearby.

I finished putting on the last coat of acrylic spray over the top of my Two Ravens painting. This coating helps protect it as well as brings out the color to more vibrant tones as well as enhances the layering effect and gives the painting some luminescence.
Then I started working on my lyrical world raven paintings.

Here’s one that is still only about 1/2 done. I already have the title “Basking in Moonlight”. I haven’t titled the other one yet. Sometimes you have to live with them awhile before the title is revealed.

Then I went back to working on a painting titled “Whimsical Womb II”. I created a “Whimsical Womb I” painting which sold a few years ago and I always loved that painting so I thought I’d do another one in a similar fashion.

And that’s my “show and tell” for today.

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