We loved the little cabin we’ve been staying at in Montezuma. And we liked the Ylang Ylang Resort next door cause they had a great breakfast and free internet, but after 4 days of torrential downpours that only seemed to let up in short spurts, we decided to escape! We left Montezuma by bus and headed toward the ferry. The roads were horrible from the rain. The road was washed out in places and there were downed power lines in a few places as well. We heard all the rain was from the tail end of a hurricane called Omar that was near Puerto Rico…we didn’t check that news out so we don’t really know for sure. But we do know it was more rain than we’ve ever seen and we were getting quite tired of having everything be wet! We took an hour ferry ride to Punteranus and then another long bus ride to San Jose. Now we’re at a charming little hotel called Hotel Don Carlos in downtown San Jose. We’ll take a shuttle over to Cohuita in tha morning. Back to the caribbean side…hopefully to sunshine!
Yesterday we watched some more monkeys playing in the trees and one came down and grabbed a piece of fruit from Greg’s hand that he held out for it. That was fun to watch! I’ll write more after we get over to Cohuita tomorrow.