Greg and I are getting excited for our trip. We leave this Friday for Costa Rica. We’re formulating our plans and getting confirmations from all the places we’re going to stay and the transportation services we’ll be using. We aren’t renting a car so we have to get creative in how we’ll get to various places. We’re looking forward to renting mt. bikes and exploring different areas once we get to a place to settle into. We’ll be staying in 3 different areas. Each for almost a week. One on the Caribbean side and 2 on the Pacific side. I added the weather window on my blog so you can see what’s happening there. Looks like a lot of rain!! Oh well, we’ll have fun no matter what.

But before we get to Costa Rica, we’ll be going to Austin Texas for 2 nights. It’s Greg’s birthday next week and he wants to show me the sights and sounds of Austin before we start our Tropical Adventure. So we’re looking forward to hearing some great music and celebrating Greg’s Bday. I’ll keep you posted. For now, be well and I’ll write again soon.